Another power bank from Quantum (QHMPL Group) is available for ₹898. This power bank comes with a 10400 mAh battery and can be used to charge tablet and mobile phones. Quantum power banks are available in 11000/10400/6600/4400 mAh capacities.


Inside the box you will find the power bank and data cable.


Looks wise the Quantum Power Bank looks similar to other power banks available in the market. It has got an  aluminum body – Golden colour with curvy sides. The top and bottom sides are flat.

There is a single USB port with max output of 5.1V / 2.1A and a single micro USB port to charge this device with max input of 5V / 2A. You can charge only one device at a time.

Quantum power bank box pack

The battery check button when pressed will light up the LED to give an idea about the battery levels. 1 LED = 25%, 2 LEDs = 50%, 3 LEDs = 75% and 4 LEDs = 100%.

Quantum power bank ports 1x usb and 1x micro USB

This power bank (PB) is RISC micro processor controlled that will charge the devices faster and enhances battery life cycle. It will auto adjust the voltage required to suite mobile phones. The PB supports fast charging, comes loaded with safety features including over charge, over heat and leakage protection.

Quantum power bank specifications

Weight is 242 grams. Interestingly this power bank is heavier on one side and lighter on the other side.


Though this power bank houses a 10400 mAh battery it is not performing like that. I was able to charge a handset with a 2000 mAh battery for up to 2 times. More over it took me 10 hours to charge this bank and still the LED’s were blinking – 2 LEDs were stable (meaning 50% charge).

Quantum power bank 10400 mAh review

But once I removed the charger and pressed the battery check button all the 4 LED’s were lighting up indicating that the battery was fully charged.

Quantum power bank 10400 mAh capacity


The Quantum 10400 mAh power bank is really not performing like a 10400 mAh PB, instead it looks like it has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh. A 10400 mAh should be able to charge devices to a total of at least up to 8000 mAh.

Update : I got another unit from the company and this time the PB did charge up to 7500 mAh, updated the rating.

Quantum 10400 mAh PB is available for ₹898.

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By Rajeev Rana

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