Aquos TV’s are the latest innovative entertainment products available in the Indian markets. Aquos TV’s proudly claims to be the worlds only 4 colour LED TV. The picture quality is much better than what you see on other LED TV’s that uses only 3 primary colours.

Aquos may be a new name for you and just to make you comfortable it is sold by Sharp India. Have a look at the unique feature I am sure you will add this TV in your wish list.

Aquos Big Screen

Big is better, it feels like real. A big screen also gives you the theatre ambience right in your home. The Aquos LED TV’s come in 40, 46, 52, 60, 70 and 80 inch screen.

Aquos Quattron technology

The Quattron technology makes picture more vivid. The addition of the 4 the colour makes this possible. Traditional TV’s comes with 3 colours RGB (red, green blue) but the Aquos LED TV’s come with RGB and a Y (Yellow). With the new addition the picture quality looks natural and livelier.

Sharp Aquos Quattron LED TV Price in India
Sharp Aquos Quattron LED TV

The addition of 4th colour (Yellow) also makes picture brighter with minimal power consumption. As compared with 3 Colour LED TV’s the 4 colour LED TV the picture is finer and smoother.

Quattron 3D

Conventional 3D TV’s images look faded and dark but with Quattron technology 3D images look brighter with maximum vividness and sharpness. Other feature like FRED and UV2A technology enhances the overall viewing experience.

Aquos LED TV with Quattron 3D - 4 colour technology. (Difference between 3 colour and 4 colour TV)
Aquos LED TV with Quattron 3D - 4 colour technology.

Other Features

Aquos LED TV’s with Quattron technology supports full HD at 1080 pixels, MEGA contrast, is DLNA certified (Digital Living Network Alliance), Supports fine motion advanced 100/120 MHz frame rate conversion, 24P cinema output, DivX HD support, 4 HDMI ports, Bass enhanced with SRS TruSurround HD, Optical picture control and USB support (plug and play).

Sharp Aquos TV price in India

Sharp Aquos Quattron 22″ LED TV 22LE420M price Rs. 15,700.
Sharp Aquos 32″ LED TV LC-32LE430M price Rs. 15,700.
Sharp Aquos 40″ LED TV LC-40LE430M price Rs. 61,900.
Sharp Aquos Quattron 40″ LED TV LC-40LE830M price Rs. 76,900.
Sharp Aquos Quattron 46″ Full HD LED TV LC-46LE830M price Rs. 1,11,900.
Sharp Aquos Quattron 52″ LED TV LC-52LE830M price Rs. 1,49,900.
Sharp Aquos Quattron 60″ LED TV LC-60LE830M price Rs. 2,15,900.
Sharp Aquos Quattron 60″ Full HD 3D LED TV LC-60LE925M price Rs. 2,41,900.

By Rajeev Rana

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