Now Google Maps allows you to share your location in real time. You can select the contacts you want to share your location with and they will be able to track you in real time on their Android phone, Apple phone, Desktop and from Mobile Web.

The next time you are heading to a dinner or a party or an event, instead of your friends/family members asking you about your location every now and then , just enabled location sharing from Google Maps and your friends/family can keep track of you in real time.

This feature not only is quite useful to know when a particular person is going to arrive, but the same system can also be used as a security feature to constantly monitor your loved ones specially when they are traveling.

Google Maps Location Sharing

How to enable location sharing in Google Maps

Start Google Maps and just open the side menu and tap the blue dot that shows your current location. There you will see the share location option. Tap that and you can then decide with whom you want to share your location and for how long.

A link will be sent to the contact you selected and they can use the link to monitor your location in real time on their smartphone, tablets, laptops and even desktop.

At any point of time if you wish you can stop sharing your location.

So what do you think about this new feature.