A new feature has been incorporated by Google on Google Maps, ‘find public toilet or Swachh Public Toilet’. For now this feature is active in Madhya Pradesh and NSR. You can now use Google Maps and find a public toilet near your location.

With the help of Ministry of Urban Development Google collected the data (address / timings) of thousands of public toilets and then incorporated the same on Google Maps. Now for some this might seem weird but the idea is to  inform people and improve sanitation.

Public toilet feature will be added on other cities too once Google gets the required data. So the next time you are in an emergency you can take Google Map’s help search nearby location for Public Toilet and you should get ‘Swachh Public Toilet’ listings – provided you have an active net connection.

Google Maps Public Toilet Swachh Public Toilet

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  1. If we are in emergency,. And google spot a place, after walking 500mtr to get it we walk speedly. After reaching there if we found no toilet then imagine what will be happen. Means high accuracy is needed.