The idiot box as we know is changing, they are getting more advanced and smarter. Samsung has launched the Samsung Smart TV in India that allows users to search TV shows, chat with friends, search movies and even browser the internet. But there is more to it this is a special Samsung TV that has apps build for it.

You might have explored and installed several apps on your mobile phone, well now you can do the same on Samsung Smart LED TV. All Samsung Smart TV’s comes with Smart Hub from where the users can access several features such as viewing movies, open web browser for surfing or launch apps that were downloaded on the Led TV.

samsung smart tv smart hub
samsung smart tv smart hub

The Samsung Smart TV comes with a build in web browser with which you can surf the internet. The web experience is optimized for use with the Smart TV. Apart from getting visually entertained you can even read news on the TV.

samsung smart tv browser
samsung smart tv browser

With the Search All function users can locate shows to watch and help organize related content even when your are viewing the live TV. There is also a video recommendation engine that suggest the latest videos based on users individual tastes.

samsung smart tv video recommendation
samsung smart tv video recommendation

There are many apps available that can be downloaded on the Samsung Smart TV. For example Netflix, Blockbusters, YouTube and Hulu Plus to name a few. User can also get social updates from Twitter or Facebook.

samsung smart tv apps
samsung smart tv apps

To make use of internet the Samsung Smart TV needs to be connected to the Internet. Some Smart TV come with wi-fi build in and for some you will need to buy the wireless adapter called link stick which is sold separately.

If you are already using a broadband wireless connection at home you can easily share it will the Smart TV.

With a push of a button once can easily change the content from 2D to 3D for more thrilling experience. The display screen is 5mm ultra slim bezel.

Price of Samsung Smart TV

Price of Samsung Smart TV 8 Series

60D8000 LED TV Price Rs. 4,00,000
55D8000 LED TV Price Rs. 2,49,990

Price of Samsung Smart TV 7 Series

46D7000 LED TV Price Rs. 1,59,990

Price of Samsung Smart TV 6 Series

55D6600 LED TV Price Rs. 2,00,000
46D6600 LED TV Price Rs. 1,39,990
40D6600 LED TV Price Rs. 99,900
46D6000 LED TV Price Rs. 1,10,000
40D6000 LED TV Price Rs. 83,990
32D6000 LED TV Price Rs. 57,900

Price of Samsung Smart TV 5 Series

46D5500 LED TV Price Rs. 93,900
40D5500 LED TV Price Rs. 68,900

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  1. Wants to buy Samsung LED 40D New Smart TV in Ludhiana. Pl send details of Dealers and price also. Urgently required.

  2. Good Day,


    I would like to know the indian price of samsung LED TV UA40ES7500 40″ Series 7 in india. Can anyone let me know.

  3. Hi this is Ranjith…
    i want to know that in 32″ tv was available in 3D or not…………
    In 3D tv is there any mode to view normal videos i.e., with out 3D…………
    plese give reply i wanna want to buy the Smart Tv for Internet Browsing Purpose………
    Was the TV is provided wit Built in Cam or not for Video calling………

  4. Does Samsung Smart TV 5 Series also include the internet surfing and other apps features?

  5. @GoGi, Not only for that. But Without smart TV Samsung does not offer 200Hz motion rate, a rare change to enjoy 3D which is though controversial. I am talking about UA32D6000SR [india/kolkata]. So for your leaving room TV go for it.

  6. Hi ,

    Greetings for the day,

    I wanna know the indian price of samsung LED TV UA40D5500RM 40" Series 5 in india. Can anyone help me on this plz…

  7. Well. I Find it very useful. But now a days Samsung has launched a LED TV 32D5900 for Rs. 48900.00/- having similar function with their 32D5000 model. But only thing they added in it its a Smart TV. Please anyone help me choosing a TV between this. Just want to know how smart this 32D5900 is ?

    1. Chandan,
      Smart TV's add some extra functionality like Wi-Fi and they run on their own OS. It is like a mini computer, you can surf the net, chat and even make video calls using SKYPE. If you will be using these features and want it on a TV then go for the Smart TV, else just ignore it.

      1. No, this mentioned model doesn’t have the facility of web browsing or Skype Video calling. It has only some selected apps.