The Samsung PL 120 is a simple to use point and shoot compact camera that comes with dual LCD screen. Just like other traditional compact cameras there is a LCD screen on the back side plus another smaller one in the front. The front LCD screen is for, any guesses, yes.. for self images.

How many times have you tried getting a self photograph from a compact camera without any assistance? It would have taken few attempts before getting that perfect shot. The camera manufactures have realized this and are now coming with new models like the PL 120 that makes taking self portrait shots easier.

In fact if you can wait for some more weeks or months you should go in for the Samsung MV800 MultiView camera that comes with only one LCD screen but it is flip-able. But then the MV800 is also costly as it has got much better features as compared with the PL 120.

Samsung PL 120 compact point and shoot camera features

This point and shoot camera is light weight at 110 grams with dimensions 93.0 x 54.5 x 18.8 mm, easy in your pocket (money wise and size wise). As far as the megapixel is concerned the Samsung PL 120 can capture images in 14.2 MP resolutions. For a newbie any camera with resolution 3.2 and above is a minimum that you should look for.  Thankfully lower resolution cameras are getting outdated and almost all camera shops will showcase only the latest models which in fact come with higher resolution but are comfortably priced.

Samsung PL 120 point and shoot camera price in India
Samsung PL 120 point and shoot camera price in India

As mentioned before there are two LCD screens, a 2.7 inch TFT LCD at the back and another 1.5 inch LCD place in the front. The sensor type is CCD and of size 7.81mm. This camera comes with 5X digital zoom and 5x optical zoom.

The Samsung PL 120 comes with many features like the multi auto focus, centre auto focus, object tracking, face recognition and Face detection to name a few. There is a built in flash that help capture good images even in low light situations. This camera can also record HD videos.

The PL 120 comes with 30 MB internal memory with microSD (up to 2GB) and MicroSDHC (up to 8GB) cards supported. You don’t have to spend extra money on batteries as this camera houses a rechargeable BP70A battery.

Samsung PL 120 price in India

Current Price: Rs. 7600 | Best price: Rs. 6900
Box pack contains: Camera, battery and charger, USB cable, 4GB memory card, AV cable and manual.

Samsung PL 120 reviews

The 14.2 megapixel resolution is the main highlight along with dual LCD view screens. Now self shots cannot get easier than this. A must buy for those who are buying a camera for the first time or those who are planning to upgrade it, and all these at an unbelievable cost.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -