The Samsung Galaxy S8+ was recently launched in India. Here is a comparison among the OnePlus 3T and S8+. So which one is the best S8/S8+ or the OnePlus 3T, this article will help you decide better.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ VS OnePlus 3T design

Both the handsets are packed inside a unique body. S8/S8+ definitely looks a lot different and the curvy screen is just awesome. I compared the OnePlus 3T with Samsung Galaxy S8+. Now S8+ sports a 6.2 inch Super AMOLED (Infinity) screen with QHD+ resolution, handset thickness is 8.1 and weight is 172.

OnePlus 3T sports a 5.5 inch FHD (Optic AMOLED) screen, is 7.35mm thick and weight is 158 grams. In spite of S8+ using a 6.2 inch infinity display it really does not look so big, the S8+ width is less and is little lengthy. Overall because of curvy design it is very comfortable to hold and use. After using S8+, when you hold the OnePlus 3T handset, 3T feels a bit odd.

OnePlus 3T versus Samsung Galaxy S8+ comparison

Benchmark wise S8+ is leading but OnePlus 3T is close enough, in real life usage you will hardly notice any difference. S8+ is Exynos octa core powered where as OnePlus 3T is Snapdragon 821 quad core powered.  Both handsets hardly heat up with heavy usage – the battery temperature was under 37 degrees.

Screen quality definitely is better on S8/S8+ but for the price OnePlus 3T is good enough. Another thing to note is 3T comes with 6GB RAM and S8/S8+ comes with 4GB RAM. This will hardly have any impact in performance, 4GB is more than enough.

There are many other unique features on S8/S8+ like Bixby personal assistant, face unlock, IRIS and heart rate sensor. Internal storage read/write speed on Samsung Galaxy S8+ is much faster than when compared with OnePlus 3T.

You might have seen face unlock on other handsets but they were not that efficient but on S8/S8+ cause of a f/1.7 aperture front camera it works really great, you can check that in my S8+ review.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Oneplus 3T camera comparison

Coming to camera the specs are better on S8+ (12MP dual pixel f/1.7 / 8MP front f/1.7) but you get near about same performance with OnePlus 3T (16MP rear (f/2.0) / 16MP front). However when you use auto mode the S8+ captures better low light shots where as 3T is not that great when compared but if you go manual you can capture better shots.

Both handsets can shoot 4K video. S8 / S8+ comes with video stabilization that does a very good job.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ night1 sample manual Oneplus 3t night1 sample Oneplus 3t night1 sample manual


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Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs Oneplus 3T battery comparison

The 3T houses a 3400 mAh non-removable battery and S8+ comes with 3500 mAh battery. Since the S8+ is with bigger screen (also supports always on) and octa core you will get slightly lower battery life when compared with 3T. But both phones will give you an easy one day of mixed moderate usage.

Please check the details review of OnePlus 3T and Galaxy S8+ for battery life and more camera samples.

Which one is better OnePlus 3T or the Samsung Galaxy S8+/S8

Both are excellent devices all depends on your budget if limited budget and if you can spend up to 30K then go with OnePlus 3T and if you are comfortable spending up  to Rs. 65K then go with the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Now there are S8 and S8+, two models, I am using S8+ and it feels like a 5.5 inch devices.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ available for Rs. 64,999.

OnePlus 3T available for Rs. 29,999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -