The Samsung Galaxy S5 that was recently announced at MWC 2014, comes loaded with some new features including the heart rate monitor. All that the user needs to do is place the index finger just below the camera lens and they can monitor their heart rate. Well this is nothing new as there are many applications available on Google Play that does the same.

I already have a similar app installed on my handset, it’s the cardiograph. On the cardiograph app you need to place the index finger over the camera lens. Just search for heart rate monitor on Google play and you will get a lot of options, or just search for cardiograph.

The cardiograph app is available for free, it can measure your heart rate and even allows you to save the data so you can track your results over a period of time. This app works on android 1.5 and above. The file size is just 1.3MB.

This is a common feature and there are already many app existing on Google play – highlight this as a key feature on the Samsung Galaxy S5 really doesn’t make any sense. Galaxy S5 might come with built in sensors, we will check that once we do the review.

Cardiograph app

Cardiograph app heart rate monitor

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -