Ringing Bell Freedom 251 founder arrested

Do you recalled the Freedom 251 handset with a price tag of Rs. 251, by Ringing Bell company, well the founder Mohit Goel was arrested on allegations of fraud. This was after a dealer complained about non delivery of handset orders.

A dealer had paid 3 million Indian Rupees and just got a fraction of the order so far. In fact the handsets that he received had quality issues and some were totally defective. When he asked for a refund for unfulfilled orders, Ringing Bell founder and executive threatened him & his family.

There was already a lot of controversy regarding the cheapest android smartphone called the Freedom 251 that was priced at just Rs. 251. No doubt for this price there was a huge response, ringing bell server / payment gateway crashed on the launch day.

Ringing bells company still operational

There were doubt and things were not moving as planned. The company also refunded the payment made by around 30,000 customers.

Well after that we never heard of Ringing Bell and now there are in news again, the bells are ringing again.


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