There was news about Reliance that the company might launch their own Crypto currency and might launch some app, in fact there was no official confirmation about that and many got creative. There are many apps related to Jio Coin created out of assumptions – it is fake and Reliance has confirmed that.

The App related to Jio Coin are fake and there is not one or two, in fact there are several such apps and some apps have been downloaded 10000, 20000, and even 50000 times. These apps are asking users to registers and are collecting their names and addresses.

Reliance Jio has confirmed that they have neither launched any such apps and neither have any plans to launch its own crypto currency. The issue today is that fake news picks up and most of the time the reports / YouTubers themselves have no idea about it, they are just interested in just adding new content every day.

Reliance Jio Coin App is fake

So stay away from anything and do not believe in anything that is based on opinions and not on facts. Better still any new thing / launch, better wait for the official word.

And by the way Reliance will be taking legal action against the developers of the app that were using their company name for fraudulent activities.