Reliance communications (RCom) launched a new unlimited plan – the 149 Unlimited that offers unlimited calls across India and also comes with 300MB of free data usage. This plan will work on any devices including feature phones.

The RCom 149 unlimited plan will help customers migrate to RCom network, that’s what Reliance believes. There are still many customers in India using 2G handsets and since this plan will apply on any device, considering the tariff and unlimited calling option, plus 300MB data chances are that people might switch.

The 149 Unlimited plan offers free voice calling across India, this includes STD calls. In addition users also get 300 MB free data that they can use with 2G, 3G or 4G networks. Hard to say  if customers will switch to RCom specially when majority of users are already using the free Reliance Jio SIM with free voice / data.

RCom 149 Unlimited plan

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  1. Hi gogi ji
    Any idea about jio welcome offer extension?
    I heard that welcome offer will be extend to 31st march 2017

  2. Now, this is just a start of the war. Gonna see more.
    Everyone here getting 4GB data limit or is it unlimited from JIO?

  3. Well you folks are not the only one’s,Am from Bangalore and in most parts on the city the Jio has started to suck and suck big time.

    In the CBD it now only gives an average of less then 1Mbps !! In the other areas it in Kbps,So the glory days are over and folks now have to rethink on retaining Jio and whether it’ll continue to be the same post the free period (i,e after 1Jan or Mar31).

    On the other hand calls have started to go through almost in one or two tries,So there lies the big dilemma

    1. Speed is very good, I spend most of the time watching Live TV. And use it as backup when my main net goes down. Speed also depends on your location.

      1. You watching live tv and we are not able to even browse properly, we have 4 jio sim at home abd everyone using different mobile but every one getting avg. Speed of 30kbps despite of 80-100% network all the time.

        1. 🙂 your location? am using jio in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. I do remember last time when I was in Delhi the speed was not at all good on Jio at the same location. Even at Airports speeds is not good, it was a lot better few months back.

          1. Hey, DJ….

            I cann’t say that it’s a trick… But, it works for me…

            As, I too receive very slow data access at times… And, I spend most of my time downloading stuffs…

            I just dial/ call to my secondary no., No matter at what time I do, It just bumps up the speed…

            For Example – If I am getting a generous speed of mere 25-30 KBps download speed….

            After being on call speed bumps up over 300 to 400 KBps….

            I always use this method to increase my speed…

            I was willing to post that up on youtube… But since, I am the only owner of jio in my family, I wasn’t able to verify that its in my case only or it works for all…

            Check this out

            If that works… Share it as much as you can…. Because, sometimes jio is even too bad for online gaming….???

          2. Shubham jaiswal’s trick is working, u can call any number… U can get Doble, triple or more speed

      2. Thanks for your prompt reply, reason of question was.. I am having 2 LYF handset & 2 Samsung devices all with Jio sim which I got exactly after launched Jio that time speed was around 20-30 mbps, now all devices getting hardly 1-2 mbps, so I m not happy, anyway I got the signals of jio in Africa also, not tried internet.

  4. Not available in states where RCOM doesn’t have 2G spectrum. Problem is just like JIO, RCOM internet speed is questionable. At present I am using RCOM postpaid plan 499 which offers free calling and 10gb 3G unlimited data uses and problem I have is most of the time 3G speed is very low and 2G doesn’t work at all.

  5. jio is giving it free so why should people spend 149 for 2G network?….they should launch this offer after 31Jan.