Xiaomi Redmi 1S went on sale today and for the next sales i.e. on 30th December we will have the Redmi Note 4G variant. If you want to buy the 4G version of Redmi Note then you will need to register, registrations have already started.

After the temporary ban the Delhi High Court has lifted a partial ban allowing Xiaomi to sell Qualcomm devices in India. It started with the Redmi 1S that was available today, however for the next flash sales on 30th December it will be the Redmi Note 4G version.

This is not the MediaTek powered Redmi Note with 3G, in fact the 4G variant is powered by MSM8928 qualcomm snapdragon quad core processor clocked at 1.6GHz. It is running MiUi over a 5.5 inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution.

The Note 4G comes loaded with 2GB RAM, 8GB storage and micro SD card support. A 13MP camera with flash is placed on the rear and there is a 5MP front facing camera too. Key features are 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. The Redmi Note 4G gets power from a 3100 mAh Li-po battery.

Redmi Note 4G will go on sale on 30th december

So those waiting for the 4G version, it’s here coming soon on 30th December, registration required. Note 4G is priced at Rs. 9,999.

Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. Hello gogi,
    I am planning to buy note 4g but,is it make sense to purchase a company that is going to ban in India, what about after sale services and OTA update. Or it is better to go for MMX yureka.

  2. The biggest drawback in single sim for me..
    Yu is a complete package..
    Better then Mi note 1k cheaper..

  3. Gogi you have any plan of reviewing redmi note 4g variant we want to know any heating issues with note 4g because it has a same specs as redmi 1s

  4. Does Yureka has Heating Issue …?please reply as iam in a confusion in whether to buy redmi note 4g or yureka…?pls advice…

  5. Comparison between YU and Redmi Note 4G

    talkime : 8 hours 21 hours
    display : ok ok gud
    camera : colors nt natural)
    sim : dual single

    Yu better in OS, Internel memory 16GB. Rest Xiaomi is superior in every field,

    Choice is yours…..


    1. hahahah colors are not natural in redmi not I have note 3g it has yellowish screen I sold-out the mobile because of this reason also battery is not work like 3100mah on gaming it drains within 4h. Indoor photos are very bad you got orange color pics hahaha.

      1. Am using Redmi Note 3G and its excellent device…Display is crisp and no such yellowish screen…Seems like some hardware issue & Instead of selling it you should have gone for replacement from flipkart…Battery life & camera quality is just awesome…MIUI is really beautiful and much better than stock android…Am waiting for complete review on MMX YU as after looking at some videos I find Redmi Note screen & Camera much better…Besides this I dont trust built quality of MMX as it never believes in its own RND and Manufacturing Instead it just dumps cheap chinese products..Xiaomi too is chinese but its 3rd largest mobile manufacturer in world and as far as Redmi note is concered it looks…feels solid. There are some bugs like occational lag , ram management etc but thats totally software related and am damm sure once it gets KK or Lolipop update its gonna get more smoother…

      2. No phone can last more then 4 gaming time unless it had more then 4000 mA. Or high end one. I have s3 it give only 2.5 to 2.75hr for small games.

  6. Better buy yu, yu is much better, guys you do not know micromax is actually in loss in selling yu, so there will be very less stock of it, maybe 10000 at the most, and its my challenge and I am very much sure they will show fake figures unlike xiaomi whose rrcords you can check on zauba.com. Mind it, mmx is selling yu at such a price just to show all that they can beat xiaomi, but actually no one can beat xiaomi in pricing coz all xiaomi handsets are priced very less, unlike mmx which has weirdest prices for different phones.

    1. Yes u r right amole.
      I had seen many comparison video yureka 4G vs redmi 4G.
      Yureka is still best.
      Processing , built quality
      Rear and front camera seems far better in yureka.

  7. Specs wise yu is better but note display is better but the biggest problem is yu haven’t disclose how many units they are having for first flash sale…. Looking at no rush for redmi note 4g I guess it will be easy to get

  8. hi gogi ji which one is better according to you?

    Yureka or Redmi Note 4g

    Is Micromax Yureka Pre rooted?

    1. And keep in mind you should beg Xiaomi every time for their kernel source codes,so YU is the way to go.As an Indian fan I will support Indian brand & buy YU.To the guys who are still calling YU as if it is a coolpad F2 rebranded phone.You guys are very wrong,the design does not belong to coolpad…it is a chinese ODM’s (original device manufacturer) reference design which clients such as micromax and coolpad can buy in bulk after chipset customization…
      AFAIK, ODMs are Original Design Manufacturers

      1. Its 100% coolpad f2 no doubt in it…only thing is it has changed the backside with copied(oneplus) and as said moonstone finish…If you say its chinese odm but fact remains the same that its same device which is sold as coolpad f2 in many of chinese websites…MMX is just an importer and xiaomi is a manufacturer so whatever commitment comes from xiaomi can be trusted but from mmx I bet there are many who don’t trust. Besides this xiaomi has its own designed miui which is just awesome where as mmx has designed nothing except its punching logo

  9. xiaomi is highly overrated brand hope yu wins the race against mi note 4g.But in general flash sales are good for blackmarketers.

  10. Can any one tell me, Is it possible to service the micromax yureka “Yu” brand in existing service centers of Micromax?

    1. Yu is a entirely new brand launched by Micromax in association with Cyanogen. Similarly, Xolo is a brand launched by LAVA. Now, do anyone go to Xolo service center to get a LAVA phone fixed? No. I like your idea man but unfortunately, no is the answer. A service person will come at your doorstep to fix your Yu Yureka phone in case if something goes wrong. It’s a first for any mobile company and a great initiative which saves the customer from hassles of service center but it needs to be seen just how effective it turns out to be.

    2. boy i gave my xolo to lava service center and they accepted it without any hiccups ithink you can give your yu to micromax service center as people are buying it on basis of micrpmax service

  11. I am not interested in buying Redmi Note 4G/3G or even MI Phones,just because we have to beg Xiaomi every time to release kernel source codes for their respective devices!

    1. Can you list atleast 5 device from MMX which has released kernal sources and had updated their OS…Its only because of cyanogenmod that we may expect updates from mmx this time but that is not gonna change its hardware…and mmx is very much well known for its smartphone hardware which often lasts much less than expected…

  12. As comparison to yu it has less memory, internal memory only 8gb and 1000 bucks less. Mi should also reduce price to 9000 as also no got gorilla glass.

  13. Gogi which one is best note 4g or yureka , I saw in other website note 3g display better than yureka

      1. @Gogi: Pls,don’t forget to check YU’s display under sunlight view ability.Thank’s in Advance!

  14. it seems Xiomi feel pressure.
    that’s why they launched before Yureka.. worst service by xiomi.. at least Micromax has more service center.. my 2-3 friends now crying after note 3g buyed it .worst service.. where u can go Nokia 638 .. no.1 service. something u need to consider before buy phone.. even Nokia 1280 is gives tuff interms of quality 10k entry phone. I am not Nokia employee.. but quality is quality. see lava iris win1 selling like hot cake because windows..

    1. come out of the pit shashi..

      Xiomi has a globally praised brand. Anyone with average technical knowledge will conclude lava iris win1 is waste of money.

    2. actually Mmx feeling pressure thats why they launching Yureka and following Xiaomi’s flash sale trend same day and time sale. specs of Yureka is very good but dont forget guys mmx cant manufacture its hardware just importing from china while xiaomi is a real mobile manufacturer ranked no.3 worldwide.

  15. Now the real competition is this vs Yureka phone from Micromax.

    Note 4g loses in the processor but gains in the battery department.
    Rest everything are almost the same.
    MIUI is very much comparable to Cyanogenmod, especially with the number of users.
    I vote for Note 4G in terms of reliability over Yureka

    1. The best thing about CyanogenMod is that it preserves the stock Android look with little to no bloatwares which makes the phone perform smooth. You can block an app from accessing a specific permission, you can select which apps to automatically start after the phone boots up, you can customize the notification drawer, change themes, icons and even boot animations. What’s more is that you can set different functions for each hardware and software keys in Cyanogen. Gestures like double tap to wake are also supported. You can have the music equalizer for videos as well. Call blocker built-in so no need to use a third-party app for that in Cyanogen. All that without voiding the warranty. Now it all comes down to personal preferences. I personally would pick Cyanogen over MIUI any day for the useful features it has.

      1. I am having Note and its having pretty much all the features which you have mentioned. Its powered with MIUI V5, V6 must be more advanced.

        1. Yup true bro. Miui has almost all the functions built in. And personally as I am a redmi 1s user. The display quality the touch response is very very smooth.

  16. gogi,
    does it support all the 4g bands to be made available in india by next year.
    will we be able to use any 4g sim other than airtel?

      1. Better buy yu as if they will have stocks more than lakhs? Common they will sell not more than 10k units in all otherwise they are in huge loss. 8200 Import price plus duty plus vat plus fee for CyanogenMod plus many things and they are selling it for 8999 so straight away almost loss of 2000 per unit. They have introduced this handset just for fake fame to throw other players out but I am sure its gonna be temporary. Instead of fancy price for single handset mmx should set right price for all their handsets.