You might have seen the video of a handset exploding as soon as the SIM was inserted and everyone who uploaded the video linked it with Redmi Note 4. Xiaomi has officially confirmed that the video in circulation is not of Redmi Note 4 but of some other brand and it was sourced from WhatsApp.

Furthermore the incident was then linked with a user called Arjun who incidentally had submitted his burned Redmi Note 4. Arjun had purchased the phone from Poorvika store in Bangalore on 1st June and in spite of it being a customer induced damaged (use of faulty charger / physical damage on phone) Xiaomi upon being alerted had replaced the phone.

Arjun got a new Redmi Note 4 on 24th July 2017, the customer was advised to used only Xiaomi charger. The user (Arjun) also confirmed that people in the video that was being circulated were not known to him, and he was neither in that video.

Upon investigation Xiaomi found that the CCTV footage was recorded on a different date (if you check the footage part of the date was missing). Moreover the video is not from Poorvika Store, it was from a retailer in Anamangad, Kerala.

redmi note 4 explosion video is fake

Xiaomi mentioned that safety is their utmost importance and all devices go through stringent quality test.

So the video that was circulated was fake and was related to a different incident involving Arjun.

Next time there is any report of such incidents about any smartphone exploding, don’t come to a conclusion immediately and avoid opinions.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -