The next (3rd) flash sale of Redmi Note 3 will begin today at 2PM. This handset is priced at 9,999 for the 2GB RAM/ 16GB ROM version and 11,999 for the 3GB RAM / 32GB version. It seems like the 3GB/32GB variant will not be available for this sale.

You can buy the Redmi Note 3 handset from as well as from website. Registration was required, in case you had not registered you will not be able to purchase, in that case register for the next sale. Those registered will need to click the buy button at 2PM, as soon as possible.

With flash sales becoming a trend there are many apps coming up that helps users grab a unit easily in such sales. Better not use any apps because it is easier for the online stores to detect and block such programs.

Redmi Note 3 flash sale today at 2PM

There is no trick as such. Just remember that the sale begins at 2PM. You need to click the buy now button as soon as you see it, but in most case the product will go out of stock. The reason why it happens is because of millisecond difference.

Another reason is that the countdown timer that you might be seeing me be delayed by 1 or 2 seconds. So better login 2 hours before the sale begins and keep the browser page open and the counter ticking and don’t close that page, get ready to click immediately when the button is visible.

Let us know if you managed to get one today.

Buy the Redmi Note 3 for ₹9,999.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -