Realme 1 Silver 4GB how does this look, watch it!

Here is Realme 1 Silver color unboxing and first impression. The company had already launched the Realme 1 handset with 3GB and 6GB RAM option and now they launched the silver edition with 4GB RAM. I had bought the Black and Red Realme 1 and now have bought the Realme 1 Silver, check out how it looks.

I have already done the review so do check the same here. The silver color Realme 1 is priced at Rs. 10,990. I also go the update, there were RAM issues / apps were restarting etc, etc, and face unlock issues as mentioned by other reviewers, I have made a video on it, there is no issue.

The latest updates fixes small bugs and as for face unlock you will get a new option wherein you can enable eye open for face unlock or disable it. There was never a security issue with face unlock, unfortunately many reviewers do not understand the technical aspect.

So do check out the Realme 1 Silver edition video and let me know which one you like, the Realme 1 Black, Realme 1 red or this Realme 1 Silver.

You can buy this handset from Amazon, price starts from Rs. 8,990 –

Watch the Realme 1 Silver edition video

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