RCOM now offers unlimited data starting from Rs. 49

RCOM (Reliance Communications) launched a new plan, they call it RCOM Joy of Holi offers.  As per their new plan users can get unlimited 2G data for Rs. 49 and 4G data with 1GB/2GB/3GB limit from Rs. 49 onwards.

RCOM Joy of Holi Offers

Users can opt for 2G & 3G plan wherein they pay Rs. 49 and get unlimited data benefit i.e. 2G data with a FUP of 500 MB per day. This plan also offers voice calls at 25 paise per minute.  Another plan offers 4G data – there is Rs. 49  plan with 1GB data benefit, Rs.99 for 2GB data and Rs. 149 for 3GB data – there is no FUP for these 4G plan and on-net/all-India voice calls are free, All off-net calls will be 1 paisa per second. This plan is available in  Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, UP (east and west).

For Kolkata, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir the plan starts from Rs. 99, these circle however get unlimited 3G data for Rs. 99 and the Rs. 49, Rs. 99 and Rs. 149 plan for 4GB (1GB/2GB/3GB) is the same.

RCOM now offers unlimited data starting from Rs. 49

Plan Validity period is 28 days.


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