Ever since the unearthing of a family scooter, named Rizta Z; Indian automobile market has been abuzz with excitement. An EV that combines smart technology and spacious design to make it suitable for families while prioritizing safety. Let’s have a look into how this scooter performs and its features.

Design and Variants

Rizta Z comes in three variants- S, R, and Z which provide different battery capacities. The variant S is fitted with 2.9 kWh battery while R variant has 3.7kWh. These scooters are created with a family mind that includes large seat, ample storage space as well as an array of color options to cater for all tastes. The combination featuring yellow and white is particularly vivid and appealing.

Safety Features:

Rizta Z places great emphasis on safety. This scooter includes many safety measures to ensure its riders’ security. It’s well built on the front suspension end while having comfortable rear mono-shock suspension. The futuristic design of the tail light section enhances visibility at night rides thereby improving safety.

One of the innovative safety features is “Magic Twist”. When you turn your throttle anticlockwise; it acts like a brake for your scooter thus slowing it down automatically in order to allow the rider to take control during emergencies or other situations where braking may be needed instantaneously instead relying on conventional brakes which are always used when sudden stopping is called for. In addition, there is also skid control that prevents wheel from slipping especially when driving through wet roads or slippery ones. It recognizes synchronization between front and back tire before turning on skid control system for steady riding.

Smart Technology:

Rizta Z isn’t just a scooter but rather it’s also a smart vehicle. Its display measures 7 inches TFT which is not touch screen but can be navigated using joystick. This displays important information such as battery percentage,speed,and navigation details with accuracy. The scooter can be linked to the phone for direct access of the map and other features while still riding.The best thing about the map is that it shows how much battery will be used in your preferred route thereby ensuring you don’t end up unexpectedly running out of charge.

Spacious and Comfortable

One of the outstanding attributes of Rizta Z is its spaciousness. It has enough legroom, a large floorboard for rider and passenger comfort. To ensure that long rides are comfortably experienced by users they have been made more comfortable by a backrest at the rear. In addition, this scooter has significant storage spaces such as 56L under-seat capacity as well as 34L boot space. There is even a small compartment which can hold phone or other accessories and also charger slot inside.


The performance of Ather Rizta Z is simply amazing. On a full charge, it can cover about 123 kilometers at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. The scooter takes about five hours and forty-five minutes to charge completely. It has excellent handling and balance that provides a smooth and stable ride even on slopes like Nandi Hills. What stood out in the test ride was the scooter’s regenerative braking system. While going downhill, the battery percentage rose by four to five percent, which demonstrates how effective the regenerative system is.


This paper concludes that Ather Rizta Z is an ideal combination of security, smart technology and comfort. Therefore, it satisfies contemporary families’ requirements as it offers them secure joyrides. In addition, its features are competitive and even more affordable than some other market rivals such as OLA company. Consult our video description for further pricing details or any additional information you may need. How do you find Rizta Z? Tell us your ideas below!

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in