Pebble on Wednesday announced that they are shutting down their operations and upcoming Pebble watches, hardware etc will be cancelled. The company made this tough decision – they will no longer manufacture Pebble devices.

Well that’s the end of Pebble watches that had become quite popular among masses. Fitbit has acquired some of Pebble assets that includes intellectual property related to firmware / software and key personnel. Fitbit however have not acquired company’s hardware products.

But with software completely in Fitbit’s court, the hardware’s are useless and hence the company made this decision to windup operations. Many Pebble employees will join Fitbit and continue to work on the wearable software platform. On the other handset Fitbit will use the software and will be incorporating them on FitBit wearable devices.

Fitbit acquires part of Pebble's assets

Surprisingly Pebble has also announced that they will no longer provide warranty support (with immediate effect).