Patent infringement – Ericsson sues Micromax

Ericsson, the network equipment maker, has sued the popular Indian brand Micromax with reference to patent infringement and has moved to Delhi court claiming about Rs. 100 crore as damages after the company (Micromax) failed to negotiate a license agreement.

According to the economic times MMX has not yet negotiated / signed licenses agreement of several patented innovations for technology used with 3G and EDGE / GPRS. The DHC (Delhi High Court) has asked MMX to pay 1.25%  to 2% of the sales for the disputed devices.

Furthermore the Delhi High Court has also allowed Ericsson to inspect Micomax’s consignments to verify if there are any further patent violations. The devices that Ericsson claims to be violating its patents include the popular Micromax Ninja series, the Funbook talk tablet and the most popular Canvas 2 series.  According to Micromax this is nothing new and Ericsson has sued Samsung in S. Korea using the same tactics.

You now know the reason why it will be difficult to get the Canvas 2. The Micromax A116 I believe will not be affected and probably will hit the markets soon, I am not sure if Ericsson is also checking the A116 consignments for patent infringement, because that could further delay the stocks.

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  1. Jigar Patel says

    Hey Gogi
    I can’t read gujarati in mmx a116

  2. Nanda says

    Hi sir, i m confused with 2,3 handsets,I have shortlisted karbonn a 12, a27 & s1 titanium. Can u help me with one. My first priority is display then camera, games like temple run2 ,subway surf etc, and battery backup.My budget is below 10k.

    Does Quad-core phones drains power much faster than single or dual-core phones??

  3. JG says

    MMX is trying to deal with Ericsson for a “FRAND”. A significant part of the profit earned would go to settling the battle, and the cost of the affected devices will increase in the future. Lessons to be learned:
    [1] Not only human beings have envy and jealousy, but big companies too. When MMX shines in India, it creates pain in the heart of Ericsson.
    [2] Learning from the experience of others (Samsung) is a wise decision, but learning from self experience (MMX) is always expensive.