Panasonic will soon launch the Panasonic P31 handset with Gesture play (draw to unlock) feature. They have already posted some images on their official Facebook page. The handset will be announced in March but the exact date has not yet been disclosed.

There are two images that Panasonic has posted on their Facebook page. The first one is about the gesture play feature, users can draw to unlock. Well not sure exactly if this will work without unlocking the handset.

The other image is highlighting the POP-I Player which is a multi tasking video application. Probably with the same features that we have seen on the Samsung handsets. There is no mention about the specifications.

Panasonic P31 coming soon

We can expect at least a quad core powered chipset. It would be difficult to predict the specifications, so let’s wait and watch and see what the Panasonic P31 comes loaded with, and particularly the price tag.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -