Oppo Find 5 Mini and Oppo Neo available for Rs. 19K and Rs. 12K

The Oppo Neo and Oppo Find 5 Mini are now available in India for a price of Rs. 11,990 and Rs. 19,490. These handsets are now listed on the Snapdeal website.

The Oppo Neo comes with 1.3GHz dual core processor running (color OS) Android 4.2. This is a single SIM handset with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage. Neo weigh is 130 grams and 9.2mm thick. There is 5MP primary camera and 2MP secondary camera. There is no LED flash (as mentioned on snapdeal website).

The IPS touchscreen is 4.5 inches with 854 x 480 pixels resolution. Other features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G and 2G. Neo comes with a 1900 mAh battery.

Oppo Find 5 Mini comes powered by 1.3GHz quad core processor running Color OS based on Android 4.2 with 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM. Micro SD card up to 32GB is supported. The screen is 4.7 inches with qHD resolution.

Oppo find 5 mini and Oppo Neo

This dual SIM handset comes with 8MP rear camera and 2.1MP front camera. Key features are 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. This handset comes with 2000 mAh battery.

The Oppo Find 5 Mini is now available for Rs. 19,490 and the Oppo Neo for Rs. 11,990. The Neo will be competing with the XOLO Q1010 and Micromax A114. Oppo Find 5 Mini seems a bit costly looking at the specifications.

Tip: Akhil.

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  1. Ankit says

    hello sir.i want to know which version of lumia 1320 has been launched in india & is it 4g enabled? ? ?

  2. S.K says

    There was a big banner in front of a mobile shop in Chennai showing Oppo logo. I went inside the shop where Oppo N1 & Find 5 Mini were given extensive demo. 5 Mini looks very good with a huge amount of eye candies and applications. The photo and video rendering was very sharp looking very much like HD. Finger swipe operations are special features.
    And N1 is a real piece to own! Can be operated from back and so many other features. The camera is out of the world. But its price?! Over 35k!
    Oppo has roped in Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador and are aggressively into the market. But they should price their products properly as otherwise will go the HTC way!

  3. Pawan says

    @Darshan, I feel Gionee’s flagship E7 is quite overpriced considering that its still a Chinese brand. I agree that they need to have more service centers and sales chain but what is the point of that when u sell the product at premium?

    • shanker says

      I bought umi S1 7 months back. Its a quality product only. but there is no information on service centers so far. For service they are asking me to send the phone to Delhi at my cost.
      One should be aware of these issues in buying Chinese products.

  4. Darshan says

    I feel these Chinese companies (Oppo,Zopo,etc) should learn from their country fellow Gionee. Perfect examples of how to launch your products in new markets. Rightly priced products, establishment of service centers, distributors, etc….

      • sam says

        pathetic gionee are one of the worst service providers.no actual service center exists ,they will send your phone to Delhi and will charge hefty prices for minor repair.
        they will even create false terms like liquid damage etc to void your warranty.
        only Chinese brand which exists for a long time in india and is having good product portfolio is lenovo.
        you think yourself,if these brands are sooo good why launch new models every month or even every week!!!

  5. Sahil Patni says

    They are trying to go ahead of samsung in terms of pricing go to your home oppo you are not needed here.

  6. Akki says

    If Find 5 Mini’s price was around 15k, it could’ve been a great deal. Anyways, ColorOS is an awesome rom.

  7. Arvind says

    i dont understand who wanna buy this opp neo at price of 12k with only dual core and 512 mb ram even karbonn a12 is better than this mobile(available at 4800rs) and gogi how can u say that it will be competing with the XOLO Q1010 and Micromax A114 this both are quad core phone with 1gb ram and neo r just dual core with 512mb ram(LED flash missing too) .

  8. Mike Dsouza says

    I don’t see the clear picture, why launch out a mini version when the Find 7 is just around the corner. Best option would be to save your bucks to head on for the Find 7 (March 24) Gogi, please do review it.

  9. Sai says

    OPPO gone complete mad……………
    i dont understand their pricing…
    even brand value companies hav reduced their price.
    Samsung and sony had understand the people mindset and made smartphones affordable……….
    MMX,karbon and even xolo made their brand popular by aggressive pricing.
    for a dual core and 512 ram – 11k is very high.many mmx and even galaxy core is better that this oppo ……….

    And for a quadcore with 4gb memory who will pay 18k ……simplely go for mmx canvas or samsung galaxies………..
    Sir wats ur opinion

    • shanker says

      Yes ur right. Panasonic company devastated even before starting their mobile sales due to their ugly pricing ideas. People are looking for a straight shot deals, only company gets fooled if they show too much of intelligence.

  10. luv says

    how can it compete quad core handsets and gogi sir do you assign emojis randomly or after you get a clue of the appearrence of the person ,and how do you know i have glasses……:| :/

  11. Abhishek says

    Oppo is very smart. They don’t need to have any of these handsets in India physically as no1 is gonna order them anyways at these prices. But now they can say that they have launched blah blah number of phones in India. I mean seriously a 19.5k phone with such specs? Samsung s3 in around 21k.