OnePlus One ban lifted can sell handsets in India

Delhi High Court had issued an order banning OnePlus One sales in India, the ban has now been lifted. There will be another hearing after two weeks. An until then OnePlus One can continue selling their handsets in India.

Micromax filed the case stating that they had exclusive rights to Cyanogen in India, following which the honorable Court issued an order banning OnePlus One from selling their handsets in India. And now since we know the price of Micromax Yu Yureka it is clear that neither of these company are competing with each other. Yureka is selling for 8,999 and the OnePlus One is priced at Rs. 22,000.

The same argument was observed by the bench, there will be another hearing wherein both the parties can debate before a single Judge. OnePlus had also stated that the Cyanogen version on their handset is different from what is used on Yureka.

oneplus one versus micromax Yureka - OnePlus one ban lifted

Micromax and Cyanogen partnership in India, has already resulted in Cyanogen officially confirming that they will not be providing software updates on OnePlus One handsets sold in India via The OPO Global versions however will continue getting updates.

Xiaomi also got banned recently and they too got a temporary ban lifted (can sell only qualcomm devices).


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