The OnePlus 5 handset will be unveiled today you can watch the event live, the launch event will begin at 9:30PM today (as per India Time), do note that this is a global launch the OnePlus 5 will be officially launched in India on 22nd and the official Indian price will be unveiled then.

OnePlus started its journey with OnePlus One handset. What they offered was premium hardware with a budget price tag. After the One, more models were launched, OnePlus 2 was not that happening but the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T took off.

The company will never launch multiple models in a year, they usually come up with a single product and they make it big. This time skipping the number four, it’s the OnePlus 5. So get ready for more excitement.

The specs are already out so all that you guys are waiting for is the price. Well since this is a Global launch, the price will be different in India, but yes we will get a fair  idea today about the price structure.

OnePlus 5 Global Launch event

Stay tuned watch out for the OnePlus 5 event live.

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  1. Well, guys review is up by Android Authority….

    And, Durability test is up by jerryrig everything too….

    So, Interested have a look on both….!!!!

    It’s good to see that they provide units to youtubers before going officially..

  2. There will be any reasons to upgrade from Oneplus 3T? I think 3T camera is also very good.