If you are planning to buy the OnePlus 5 handset do note that the OnePlus 5 cases are also available. For now there are 4 options. Three of the four cases are priced at Rs. 1,490 each and just one case carries a price tag of Rs. 990.

The OnePlus 5 case will give a new look to the handset and also to some extent provides additional protection. These cases are made of good material and fits perfectly well. There are four options to choose from.

I liked the Ebony case that gives a good look and blends well with the Midnight Black OnePlus 5, the side are kind of black. Rosewood case also looks good but I was not happy with the side that had the brownish texture (it is all about personal preference).

OnePlus 5 cases price and feature

Then there is the Karbon case that is made from DuPont Kevlar fiber, its rugged and also looks great and blends well with the black OP5. And finally the Sandstone case that gives the same feel like the first OnePlus One handset – if you have used the OnePlus One you will know.

Sandstone Case is priced at Rs. 990 and the other 3 cases Ebony, Rosewood and Karbon are priced at Rs. 1,490 each.

You can buy these cases from OnePlus official website.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in