Nokia will soon roll out the Nokia Asha 501 with swipe based interface. The 501 handset will probably be priced well under Rs. 6,000 with new user interface (swipe based).

The Nokia Asha 501 will support the 2G networks only; however Nokia did confirmed that they will also launch the 3G version soon. The 501 will be available in single SIM and dual SIM variants. This handset runs on the Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 with 64MB RAM and 128MB internal storage.

The screen with capacitive touch is 3 inches supporting a modest resolution of 320×240 pixels. 2 point multi touch is supported. The handset is 12.1mm thick and weight is less than 100 grams. Other features are Wi-Fi, 2G, Bluetooth 3, micro USB and 3.5mm jack. This handset comes with accelerometer and proximity sensors.

There is single 3.15MP camera on the back with video recording support. The 1200 mAh battery gives a standby time of up to 45 days and talktime is an impressive up to 17 hours. On the dual SIM version the standby time is up to 26 days.

The price tag and the release dates are not yet known. Stay tuned for more.

Nokia Asha 501

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  1. 501 is a bad phone, buy at your own peril. it lags, touch is poor like resistive touch screen. low resolution, and bad features, not easy to use. not suitable for any segment except those who want a cheap touch phone.

  2. for the look-wise I’ll give 10/10. for the price also 10. but what I feel that the internal memory should be increased as all the apps & its data, plus the data downloaded browsing the internet are all stored in the internal memory by default or add a feature to store all this data on the external memory.
    In addition to this, I strongly feel that please listen to the experts on the RAM coz Nokia might fool the initial buyers but when the experts will give their opinion it will hugely affect the NOKIA INDIA Market.

  3. Hi Gogi, Can we do a smart contact search in the Asha 501 or Asha 210….One basic feature which I am looking for is to search contacts with any word appearing in the name…?

    1. no asha 501 does NOT have any search, when you start typing a umber it does not give any list like in android phones. its bad and primitive.

  4. gogi bhai… an urgent question…… in lumia 520 is there an option like mx player coz I saw demo of 520 in native player n did not like it. can I download any other player from windows store for videos

    1. Not sure if there is MX player but there will be many video players in windows store.

  5. Gosh!!! Are there still people buying phones from Nokia that they are launching phones like Asha.

    1. Yeah! Lumia has been doing good in India. And the Asha series too. There are people who can’t afford the pricey phones, so these are the best options they have got right now.

    2. Actually there is many people who don’t mind what OS their mob has. The only thing they concern about is how smooth their mobiles run and batteries don’t die midday. The Asha series mobiles score over android phones in that area. And the interface of them are also very simple covering all the operations people want. I have used both android and Asha, . Nokia has reputation building robust sets and I think still they are up to their reputation.

  6. simply useless frm ร‘okia.
    In the era of Jet planes they r launching Bullockcart.
    Shame on u Nokia

    1. Because there are people who can’t afford Jet Planes and will have to settle with a bullock cart! Not all are rich like you!

      1. @Aditya,Hey buddy i didnt mean to belittle ny1 yaar
        u say its for poor guyz,poor guyz? u must b kiddin maan.
        Poor guyz will buy a Nokia 102(if battery backup is a concern) or a china phone with big loudspeaker or nything under 4k max.

        This phone comes in 5k range n there is no 3g,while u cn get an Android at this very price.multitasking+3g comes bundled wid Android in 5k+ range.

        This man Stephen Elop is responsible for Nokia’s steep downfall.
        Dont u remember what he had said?
        “symbian is a burning plateform”
        then y make devices on a burning plateform? answer plz

        This man Stephen Elop seems hel lbent on destroying Nokia.if he remains there at the Helm Nokia will b wiped off from the Map of MobileWorld,which seems his very mission.

        Nd unless this Elop guy gets kicked out of Nokia,i dont see them rising.

        1. Okay, I didn’t exactly say poor people. But still, there are people who would want to buy from trusted brands. And yeah, this is not Symbian platform, this is a new OS from Nokia (Nokia acquired SmarterPhone, a company that creates OS’s for feature phone). It has good features, multi tasking even. And they said 3G phones will be coming soon anyways. And the Android phones that you’re talking about here, Samsung or other MNC won’t make a ICS/JB device at 5k range, and we know that GB sucks and probably lag due to low RAM. Whereas, Karbonn, Lava and all people won’t buy mostly because they are not so famous brands and customer care might not be good. For those people this is the best choice and yeah once the 3G model comes out, I think things will be fine. Both Asha and Lumia series are doing just fine. But if they start using Android, they will fail big time! Because, its ruled mostly by Samsung! Nokia won’t stand a chance. So its a good decision from Elop’s side is what I think. Well, lets see what happens! ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. for this price u get –
          -best build quality
          -good camera not like andha camera in local phone which cant even shoot indoors @this price.
          -asha platform supports multitasking.
          -UI /UX is just unmatchable …..
          -Its NOKIA (not local . which just sell and forget)
          -lag-less , no crashes here and there like android.
          -4gb mmc card

          1. @Aditya, Pls note that it is not a new platform. It is old S40 started 1999, with a new looking interface on it. And @gta, it has NO multitasking.. That is why it can run on limited hardware unlike Android which is a full featured multi-tasking OS. S40 hangs if u try to run big apps. It is not a smartphone. I have one C2-03, which has full touch S40 Nokia and it is the predecessor of Asha series.

          2. @Shivaji
            Pls note Nokia Asha 501 is not s40 platform. It is Nokia Asha platform 1.0

    2. When all the fuel sources are exhausted, you will have to use a bullock cart. Do not underestimate anything. A bullock cart is environment friendly, but fumes from a jet plane exhaust could be deadly (carcinogenic).

  7. $99 before tax & release date 1st week of June.. Gogi why so late posting this article..!