The Nokia Asha 501 is a low cost dual SIM handset that sports a 3 inch screen with QVGA resolution. The handset runs on the Asha OS with Touch UI user interface and supports only the 2G network. It is priced at approx Rs. 5,000.

Nokia 501 Box Pack
The handset is available in Black, White, Yellow, RED and Cyan colors. The sleek blue colored box pack contains the handset, user manual, quick start guide, travel charger, a cool looking bright red colored earphone, battery of 1200 mAh capacity, free Facebook for 3 months for Airtel subscribers and 4GB micro SD card slot.

Design, Display and OS
The moment you hold this handset, you will start loving it. First of all you get the comfort of a well known brand, and then, the build quality and the unique design that will definitely make you happy. You always get this feeling when you look at something new.

The touch screen is 3 inches with a low resolution of 320×240 pixels. The colors are vivid and the touch experience is really – really good. There is a single navigation button that acts as a back button and can also be used to browse through the home screen (today)/ apps (via button or simply swipe the screen).

Nokia Asha 501 box pack

The Nokia 501 weight with battery is 99 grams, thickness is 12.40mm, breadth is 58.21 and length is 99.32. The finishing and built quality is very good. The back cover is of matte finish and covers up the phone completely up to the screen. (Check the review video). The handset is not slim but looks compact (because of the length).

The volume rockers and the power button are placed on the right side. The charging port, micro USB and 3.5mm audio jack is placed on the top side. This handset with 2 point multi touch comes with accelerometer and proximity sensors. The OS used is Nokia Asha Software platform 1.0 with touch UI. It’s a dual SIM (micro SIM slot) handset with micro SD card slot.

Nokia Asha 501 review

The performance is smooth, internal storage is 66MB. There are many pre-installed apps including Twitter and Facebook. You can browse the net using the Nokia Xpress browser.  You can also download apps from store. For connectivity there is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

GPS and 3G are missing. You can however use the 2G network (GPRS / EDGE) that should be more than sufficient for many users.

Over all it’s a basic phone with 2G support that allows you to stay connected with your social contacts, browse net, check emails, chat and of course enjoy music and videos on the move. The handset supports multitasking you can just swipe the screen to move to another app. It seems whatsapp is not support on Asha 501 for now, could be a big disappointment for many.

Gaming and Entertainment
There are some pre-installed games like the Asphalt 6, those who have played high end games on mobile phones will quickly look for the exit button. As far as gaming is confirmed, don’t expect too much out of it.

There is built in video player with a pre-loaded video file that looked amazing for the handset size and the price.

The 3.2 MP camera captures decent still images but videos are really no good. You can check the sample images and video at the end. There is no front camera and the rear camera is fixed focus without flash support.

Nokia Asha 501 rear fixed focus 3.2MP camera

1200 mAh battery no doubt is impressive with a good talk time of 17 hours and standby time is about 624 hours.

Nokia Asha 501 review
It’s a budget phone for non-android users or those who really don’t care. It does offer good touch experience, is entertaining, can use dual SIMs, supports multiple Indian regional languages (English, Hindi, Gujarati etc..) and is eye catchy.  It a very good phone for a price of approx Rs. 5000 from a well known brand, Nokia.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Nokia Asha 501 unboxing and review video

Sample video (320×240) shot using Nokia 501 handset

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  1. this is the baddest phone i ever used no PDF , slow internet , too much price ,2G,java,short screen at this rate , 66 MB ram , the Sim company says your phone network is wrong and Nokia care says the phone is right, i wanted to sell this phone but their is nobody to buy it , a Ghinese phone is better than this rubbish.

      1. Okay i will try to buy moto e but their is no stock so i also try HTC ONE thank u turk

  2. Sir in my phone the internet is not working,network sometimes come or never .PLZ help me!

  3. asha501, i had this fone, it has the worst touch and sound ever in any phone. bad nokia. you will regret if you buy it.

  4. Sir it should be “4GB card” and “As far as gaming is concerned”
    Hope you rectify it.

  5. Nokia Asha 501 doesn’t support PDF files which are very very important for today’s office work. Pls. let me know if there are any option for downloading PDF Apps.

  6. if sum1 is such a die hard fan of nokia spend 1k more and buy lumia 510 …. available for 6k at

    1. LUMIA510 isnt win8, its lumia 520, price about 9k, actually no one is calling the lumia series a success, so avoidable till they come to sense either in price or in quality. service centers for nokia as well arent the best. there is no clear winner in brands.

  7. pls DONT buy this phone 501, it’s a basic phone with 2G support – and its UNresponsive, BAd touchscreen, no front cam, low speaker sound, not worth even Rs 2000 so forget paying 5k for this junk.

  8. i dont knw abt the display and OS. but lôokwise its the UGLIEST i ever had seen from nokia.

  9. hey gogi bro
    it seems xolo is providing the updates for xolo Q700 through OTA ..its around
    350MB in size ..might be they are upgrading it to solve the external storage problem..:-)

  10. i like SRK
    because hi changed according to situation
    he is following southern movies style.
    jo ki aaj kal sabhi ki pasand ban gayi hai..

    SO !
    NOKIA ko bhi youth ke according chalna chahiye,
    windows youth ki choice nahi, android hai.

    1. Then u knw wat do..
      Get on floor with Asha 501 then Lungi Dance..! Lungi Dance..! Lungi Dance.. 😀

  11. Hallo gogi sir somebody says that 10% of the rebranded phone (like-mmx,iball,karbon,lava,intex) will stopped working in 6 months and no replacement that true?i am very very tensed,because i had iball 4.5q.Pls gogi pls ans.i am waiting for your reply.

    1. yes, gogi saab,waiting for same. plz do a comparison of how good the screen quality is with other quad cores side by side. like MMX canvas4, xolo Q1000 etc

  12. I think nokia don’t know about tech in market if they know they never lunch a mobile at price of. Dual core android mobile. They need to read your blog daily

  13. If anyone does not go with the brand he wanted to buy then for this price anyone can get many higher spec Android phone from from our Indian companies like Micromax,karbonn,lava etc. What do you thought #Gogi Sir?

    1. Yes android will be more feature full / powerful than this and you can get a better android phone for the same price, but it depends on the user.

    2. I recently came to a conclusion that many people are still brand conscious and they want nothing but a brand. Even if is a branded crap, they still buy it 😀

  14. as far for all your concern we all will soon whatsapp on this phone nokia has promised to bring whatsapp to nokia asha 501. For this same price I am getting an htc explorer in local store 🙂

  15. Nice review bro.keep it up~(there is nothing more to say abt this crap so uve tried a lot to elaborate the good things abt diz phn)try to continue diz style

  16. gogi bhai tumhe nokia 501 ki tarha hamesha review me phone ka Dimensions bhi mention karna chaye….

  17. no front cam,no 3g,66mb internal memory…priced at 5k.. Even the other so called basic phones at 5k will get ashamed if they hear this!!!

  18. Pls review iocean x7 turbo youth

  19. Dear Gogi
    I checked in store about this handset and I was supposed to purchase for my wife but I canceled because, yet this phone is not supporting to most popular application called What’s application.

    1. I did not checked that but I checked with some users, yes Whatsapp is not yet supported on 501.

  20. Nokia still has audacity to release java phones with 32 mb ram. for 5000 rs. there game is over now.

      1. ha ha. well that was automatically assigned emoticon. but seriously these nokias and intels were so proudy that they ruled a decade with such cheap products and still they are not learning there lessons despite of huge loss and near about complete annihillation.

        1. Whoa easy there why the sudden hate on Intel?They have been outgunning AMD in processors and as far as I can see in the conceivable future they will continue to do so.

  21. Gogi bro please do a review of all handsets which you received to compare each other
    I.e lava 504q with Micromax Canvas 2 plus

  22. No whats app support is really a big disappointment. Otherwise the phone could have been good for youth.

  23. Gogi don’t u think using vernier caliper to measure thickness n length of fone gone too far , i mean come on we really don’t look at that level…..:)

    1. Uday, it may not be imp to you but some users look for, at least the thickness and the data mentioned on many of the handset specs are not that accurate.

      1. You’re thinking at that level appreciate your dedication towards your reviews 🙂 that’s why reading you’re blog from 2+years!! keep up the good work!

  24. bro i bought micromax canvas hd 2 weeks back, i want to update it to 4.2 official. please help me how to update..!!

  25. gogi ji I think the big letdown for the earphones provided there is no hardware button for receiving and cancelling the calls and there would tough time for changing the songs in mp3 player and tuning between radio stations

    I may be wrong but please confirm it gogi ji about the hardware button on the earphones availability

  26. Gogi “the built quality and the unique design ” it should be build quality right?

  27. Too Late-Too little–young ppl in India simply will not touch a touch screen fone less then 4inches– a 3incher is strict no no..instead of wasting money on heavy averts- Nokia should bring a Asha 501 A with 4inch LCD- provide a 1 $ LED and give a battery of atleast 1500 mAh., to make this sell like hot cakes..

  28. It was a gd attempt by Nokia,bt most wud choose Android anyday… Though it got some market share…!!

  29. Hey Gogi, you forgot multi-tasking man. It was one of the good things about this OS. And also double tap to unlock screen!

    1. Yes multi tasking is mentioned and yes there are many other features, you can choose the unlock option, check the video review.

  30. gogi sir in how many days u r going to review Micromax 110Q canvas 2 plus plz tell me sir

  31. I’ve heard that this handset’s lcd has a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Is it really that good in usage because that much ration is enough for vibrant display.

    1. Aashish, even with low screen resolution (262K colors) the colour look more lively, check the review video, you can check the video played using the video player, its really good considering the low spec.

  32. Gogi sir,any news or leaked about upcomming lava iris series.I have seen coming soon add today.

    1. Hi no nothing yet about not sure of its rumored lava iris pro or just some existing model.

  33. gogi ji when u r going 2 review micromax canvas 2 plus plzzzz tell me sir iam eagerly waiting for this

  34. I think it wud be “As far gaming is ‘concerned’ nt confirmed”… Though pics luks crystal clear.. 3G & GPS are big letdown…

    1. Well for gaming, check the video review you will check an idea the kind of games that are pre-installed. But overall its a good (basic) handset.

      1. No i meant in ur gaming & entertainment section u worte “As far as gaming is confirmed” it sud be concerned…! Definitely i wud check d video review bt later coz nw im in 2g… 😀

  35. Ahh, that huge lower bezel!
    The black looks sexy! And the images are pretty good for a 3.2 MP camera! 😀