Nokia showcased the Nokia 3310 2017 model at MWC 2017, and the latest tweet by Nokia Mobile confirms that the 3310 2017 is now shipping. However not yet in India. The company will announce the availability of Nokia 3310 in India within few weeks.

Nokia 3310 Specifications

This is a bar phone with alphanumeric keypad. It is a simple feature phone running Series 30 OS over a 2.4 inch screen (this is not a touch screen) with 320 x 240 pixels resolution. There is 16MB storage space and users can use micro SD card of up to 32GB.

Front camera is missing and the rear camera is just 2MP resolution with flash support. Other features are Bluetooth, audio jack, FM radio and dual SIM with 2G support. This feature phone gets power from a 1200 mAh battery.

Nokia 3310 2017 coming soon in india

Will you buy the Nokia 3310 2017 when it is available in India?

I guess many customers will not really be interested, for a very simple reason that most of them are using Reliance Jio SIM and it works only on 4G phones. But in case a customer is planning to make Jio their Primary SIM they might as well use the Nokia 3310 2017 as their secondary phones using Airtel, Vodafone, Idea etc. SIM’s.

If Nokia 3310 2017 had 4G VoLTE support, it would be a huge hit.

Source : Twitter.

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  1. When is the launching of nokia 6 in india ……..googi update it……waiting for nokia 6

  2. Nokia could have done wonders in India by launching this as 4G supported feature phone.

  3. It’s just a kind of legacy once Nokia was known for. Surely shall buy this phone as a backup phone for voice calls. Still feature phone market is bigger than smartphone market at least in India, and Reliance Jio is coming up with Volte enabled feature phone at very very affordable price that will disrupt the Telecom industry.

    1. No, it’s not gonna happen as the current JIO tariff plans come along with data and not only calls???
      A feature phone with 4G for data, without any app support becomes a joke of a lifetime.

      If they really come with any feature phones, either they have to launch voice-only plans or end up using the basic monthly plans which come along with data bundle.

      Feature phones with 4G support is still a rumour.
      Nokia could have done wonders in India by launching 4G supported feature phones.

  4. I will buy if costs around 1500Rs
    But i dont think, will get cheaper.

    1. it wiil be delayed till 2019 cause indian telecommunication companies have not enough money right now and u already know why anyway 5g will be awesome no doubt abt it

  5. Nokia launched similar feature phones back in 2012-14 .
    But now named it as 3310.

  6. Also a little FYI, this isn’t the original Nokia that was based in Finland. It was first bought by Microsoft who ruined it further then sold it off to some Taiwanese foxconn & HMD Global. Please spread the word, only brand name remains Nokia and nothing else. Don’t buy Nokia thinking you are buying phones from the same original Nokia, Finland manufaturer, this doesn’t belong to that legacy.

    1. as far as m aware , Nokia management have 1 seat in HMd global & their sole purpose is to check quality of product. Rest everything is HMD task

      1. Same management lead to the downfall of Nokia, accept it, it isn’t the Nokia which was famous for its reliability anymore, moreover no CZ lens camera. So what’s there in Nokia like Nokia anymore? Just the name.

        1. cant comment on CZ lens as rumors are there about its flagship phone , but Nokia has built “brand value” when very few manages to create . Right strategy & they can be in picture again

    2. HMD has lots old nokia employees and their CEO himself has worked in Nokia for 17 years. So no it’s not just any Chinese company. And about quality and durability just check JerryRigEverything’s videos on Nokia 6 you’ll know.

  7. Where are nokia service centres. Old centres either closed or renamed as microsoft service centres. Still doubt if it is manufactured by original nokia staff.

    1. Same here … I can’t find service centres in Agra. There were many center which were owned by Nokia and then renamed a Microsoft service centers and showrooms.
      But now grocery and clothes stores are there..

    1. Ok Sallu Bhai. Let me get it right. Yes, the build quality is good. There are other feature phones by Nokia which are better and cheaper than 3310. Just the name is 3310. And it is just the Basic of the Basics feature phone. Os 30 doesn’t even support whtsap. OS 4p didit earlier but now Whtsap is not supported on any symbian OS. And will you buy a samsung’s feature phone with all the same features of 3310 named galaxy s8 for Rs.4,000 ?

  8. Service network will be main issue don’t expect as much as the Nokia left the market a decade ago now they don’t have the service network as they have earlier.