Nokia 205 and Nokia 206 dual SIM with hot swap coming soon

Nokia recently announced the addition of two new handset namely the Nokia 205 and the Nokia 206 that will be part of the Asha family. These two handsets come with amazing battery backup and with hot swappable dual SIM support.

The easy swap dual SIM feature will allow the users to switch the SIM cards without turning off the phone. These handsets will also come with a new file sharing feature called Slam that makes use of the Bluetooth technology for transferring data directly without pairing the devices.

Nokia Asha 205 key features and specifications
This handset comes with dual SIM support (with easy swap), with QWERTY keypad and is social networking ready. The 205 weighs 94 grams with 13mm thickness. The screen is 2.4 inches with 320×240 pixels resolution.

The handset supports only the 2G network (EDGE ( 236.8 kbit/s) / GPRS (85.6 kbit/s)). The internal memory is 64MB and microSD card is supported. The Series 40 Asha OS runs the show with additional features like VGA camera, Java games, 5-way Navi Key and Nokia Xpress Browser that saves bandwidth by compressing data.

This is a basic phone without WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The BL-5C 1020 mAh battery gives standby time of about 608 hours and talktime of up to 11 hours. The Nokia 205 is expected to be priced under Rs. 4K.

Dual SIM Nokia Asha 205

Nokia Asha 206 key features and specifications
The Nokia Asha 206 sports a 2.4 inch screen with alpha numeric keypad. The resolution is the same at 320×240 pixels. Handset weighs 91 grams and is 12.4mm thick. The 206 also runs on Series 40 OS and comes with 64MB RAM and a microSD slot that can house 32GB cards.

There is no 3G support on Nokia 206, however 2G (EDGE / GPRS) is supported (same as on 205). The BL-4U 1110 mAh battery gives 680 hours of standby and up to 20 hours of talk time. Rest features are the same as on the Asha 205. This handset too is expected to be priced at under Rs. 4K.

Nokia Asha 206 Dual SIM phone

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  1. nagesh says

    gogi bro maine nokia206 upate kiya…n abi mai hard fomat marunga to updated software hi rahega ya purana wala ayega?? plzzreply

  2. yash says

    hey gogi when is this phone going to be available in market or on the e-stores waiting eagerly for the asha 206

  3. chander mohan says

    Waiting for 206, and a good laptop of around 21k, m not going to buy any smartphone because so many choices has confused me a lot in selecting one..

  4. SAYAN says

    Too expensive it is more or less a series of basic phones and at this price one can buy an android smartphone so I believe the price should be dropped to 3-3.5k.

  5. yash khatri says

    hey gogi is there a nice alpha numeric keypad and really loud sound as i want it for my grand dad and he listens only loud sounds price no bar feature should be good with bluetooth and prefably dual sim other all feature can be adjusted
    again price no bar but still bellow 10K would be good thanking you yash khatri

    • gogi says

      Yash, the Nokia 206 will be a good option and anyway Nokia handset running on Symbian OS usually have loud sound output.

      • yash khatri says

        Gogi pl. be specific as he is almost deaf from 1 ear and hears very less from the other he is using X2-00 now but wants a upgrade so pl. help

  6. ~P S~ says

    10/10 for the design of Asha 206 :) The main source of profit for Nokia is Apple & their own low end handsets. Nokia gains $10/iphone sold because of patents that Apple uses of Nokia. And Nokia is already popular for their low end phones in India!