Nokia Asha 200 dual SIM, colourful QWERTY phone

The Nokia Asha 200 is a dual SIM QWERTY phone with a colourful body that includes the keyboard too.  With the Asha 200 you can easily swap SIM cards (hot swapping) without having to restart the phone.

The Nokia Asha 200 low cost dual SIM phone can keep you entertained on the move with the enhanced FM radio that comes built in and you can also create a ringtone using the FM recording option. You can download more apps, games and even personalize the home screen with your favourite stuffs. With the colourful QWERTY keyboard you can keep your social network status updates, check and reply to emails or chat on the go with ease.

Nokia Asha 200 Features

This Nokia handset weighs 105 grams with dimension 115.4 x 61.1 x 14 mm and comes with 10 MB of free user memory. MicroSD card up to 32 GB is supported and the microSD slot too is hot swappable which means you can switch memory cards without restarting the phone.

Nokia Asha 200 QWERTY low cost dual SIM handset

Nokia Asha 200 QWERTY low cost dual SIM handset

Nokia Asha 200 is a colour phone and there are a lot of colour options to choose from ; here is the list Pink, Light Pink, Aqua,  White, Green, Graphite, Blue and Orange. The display screen is of size 2.4 inches supporting 320 by 240 (QVGA) resolutions. This is however not a touch screen phone.  The handset come with END /SEND soft keys and a 5 way navigation key.

The Asha 200 runs on the S40 OS and comes with Nokia Browser. There is a 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom. Video recording is supported.  The Hot Swappable Dual SIM with dual standby mode supports up to 5 different SIM cards

This is a 2G phone that supports EDGE and GPRS network and comes loaded with other features like Bluetooth 2.1, micro USB 2.0, 3.5 mm AV connector and 2 mm charging connector.

Price of Nokia Asha 200 in India

Price of Nokia Asha 200 in India

The Nokia 1430 mAh BL-5J battery that powers the Asha 200 gives a standby time of 37 days on single SIM, 23 days on dual SIM and can play up to 52 hours of music playback. The talktime is around 7 hours.

Nokia Asha 200 price in India Rs. 4,370
Box Pack Contains: Handset, Battery and Charger, Data Cable, Headset and User Guide / Warranty papers.

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  1. vishwaravi says

    Dear GoGi,
    My pranams to you. My first visit to your site and reviews are very nice. Have also subscribed to it. Two days back bought asha 200 for my wife. Am having nokia 5310 xpress music.

    Am looking to buy a new mobile urgently. Pls guide me and am thankful for it.

    I almost decided samsung galaxy y duos, when I was asked to look in to samsung pro duos. Now my nephew, have convinced me for galaxy ace duos for 12,000/- and is using this for 2 1/2 yrs and saw a demo and read few reviews also and features of it look so nice. Actually my budget was only Around 10k – Am in Chennai / Tamil Nadu/ south India. Actually my budget was only Around 10 k . am 53 years and a free lancer. am not a frequent changer of mobile . I look for good Camera /music with good sterio/call / video recording / good sound audio/video/good GPS-A with preference for voice guidance / net facility /easy to use and user friendly phone features. And very good service centers. Preferred Samsung Phones as it has many service centers.

    Pls clarify few queries.
    1.) Quality Standard /service support of Micromax / Karbon /Lava/Etc., are not upto leading Brands.Why ? Even Mobile repairers do not recommend these brands. And so was guided not to go for it, though they come with so many new ones with very economical ones. What's your view regarding that.?

    2) Pl also suggest one more Mobile in the range of 5000/- QWERTY or Capacitive full touch or both with / camera/ music player/ net use and good sound quality both audio/video./ minimum 8GB use, for my wife.

    All the best and keep guiding people like us with your HONEST REVIEWS of all products.
    regards, Vishwaravi

    • gogi says

      Vishwaravi, thank your for you comment.

      For 10K the best phone is A100 from Micromax. I will be coming up with another review of Micromax A90 that is with 8 MP camera for cost of Rs. 13K. I will be doing in depth review for the same.

      1) The quality of these low brands have improved a lot. These brands are now easily competing against the bigger brands with higher features and at a cheaper price. There are many good phones under the 10K cap. It is true that the mobile shops do not recommend these brands in fact. I have personally experienced it and they say their service is bad. And if you ask them do they have a particular handset of the same brand and their answer will be 'no'. There was a time when Samsung and Nokia were the key players but now many are shifting to cheaper alternatives.

      I guess because of low cost the shopkeepers don't get enough margin and hence avoid suggesting the same to the consumers. In fact you will mostly find these brands selling online and in some selected stores. These are really good and improved a lot and are really doing well – this is the reason they are coming up with many more models.

      2) There is one Micromax 4.0 going to be launched within the next month or so for about 6,000 it has a very good screen resolution – if you can wait for it and covers everything that you have mentioned. If not there is the Karbonn A7 and the Spice Mi-355 both are good around 6,500 or lower. For 5K there is the Micromax option A50, A52 but the screen is of lower resolution same as you get on Samsung brand under Rs. 8K.

  2. Patience Alban says

    pls my social network in my Nokia 200 is not working, pls u guyz shud help me out that is the more reason I bought this phone. Thank you very much and God bless you.

  3. Piyush Jaiswal says

    very nice look m eagerly waiting for the arrival of “asha”

    they look very tempting

    as a girl i know that girls will love these phones !!!

  4. shivani thakuri says

    m eagerly waiting for the arrival of "asha"…..

    they look very tempting……

    as a girl i know that girls will love these phones……….