Near Field Communication of NFC is a technology that you have been hearing for quite some time, in fact some new mobiles recently launched come loaded with this feature. Your mobile phone is already using the direct radio transmission technology (Bluetooth works on it) and NFC in simple terms is a wireless RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology that interacts with electromagnetic radio instead of the direct radio transmission.

For NFC to work your mobile phone should come embedded with the NFC chip using which the handset can send data within short range (just few centimetres). You might have seen the ads on TV that show data instantly shared when the phones are brought together. Some of the Nokia Phone like Nokia 603, Nokia N9 and Nokia 701 comes with built-in NFC.

NFC’s are now widely being used; the basic idea is that you need to bring your device very close to another NFC device for communication and for secure data transfer. With this technology your credit card information can be stored in your handset and all you need to do is wave the handset or simply tap it near any NFC reader.

How to use Near Field Communication (NFC)?

With NFC you can easily share content (pictures, videos, contacts, MP3 and even play games) with your friends. It is easy to use and all you need to do is touch the other device. If you have a NFC enabled Bluetooth device you can pair it with the handset by simply bringing it close or touching the Bluetooth with the handset. No need to add password etc it is as simple as this.

Near Field Communication (NFC)
Near Field Communication (NFC)

You will need to enabled NFC if it is not enabled you should find the NFC setting in connectivity options (similar to where you would setup the Bluetooth). Most probably the back side of your phone will have the NFC area which is automatically activated when the phone screen is on and deactivated when the screen is off.

Check out this video about Nokia NFC which will give you an idea how to use this technology.

By Rajeev Rana

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