Netflix the on demand media streaming service has entered the Indian markets. They are offering basic plan for ₹500, Standard plan for ₹650 and Premium plan for ₹800. With these services users will be able to watch media content anywhere, anytime.

Watch action, comedy, TV shows documentaries etc, all the stuffs you like all in one place – Netflix. This is also a friendly and safe option for kids. The basic plan starts from ₹500 wherein users will be able to watch content on one screen at a time, the content can be viewed on any devices (laptop/mobile/TV etc).

Standard plan is for ₹650 wherein users can watch content in HD quality and can watch different content on two screen / devices simultaneously. With the Premium plan for ₹800, users will be able to watch content in Ultra HD quality and on up to 4 devices.

Netflix now in India

All these plan come with one month free trial.

If you love watching movies you will it all on Netflix, old as well as new. Visit India site for more details.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -