Lenovo to drop Motorola branding on smartphones

According to reports Lenovo will soon replace the Motorola branding with Lenovo on their smartphones. Motorola already started doing well with the first Moto G smartphone and as you all know Lenovo has acquired Motorola.

The company is planning to phase out the Motorola brand and instead use the Lenovo brand – this is to bring the mobile business into one brand. The Motorola name will be used internally and it will operate as a separate division within Lenovo, the brand replacement is just for the smartphones for now.

The company also revealed that the Moto X and other products will get the new blue Lenovo Logo. So what do you think is it a good option to kill the Moto brand knowing very well that Lenovo and Moto are the same company, and this is just the name change, the quality / after sale will remain the same.

Lenovo to drop motorola branding

There were a lot of Motorola Moto products launched in India and some of them were hot selling items. Will users still buy a Moto product that will be branded – Lenovo?


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