Now you can experience super fast internet connection on the MTNL 3G network by simply connecting the plug and play MTNL Teracom USB 3G modem. The MTNL 3G Datacard can easily be plugged into your computer and you can access broadband on the move. MTNL 3G Datacard will compete with already existing Reliance 3G USB modem and the most preferred Tata Photon plus.

Though you can get mobile broadband connectivity even on your 3G mobile phone but if you spend a lot of time on the internet it is advisable to get a USB modem device. The MTNL Teracom 3G Data Card comes for Rs. 1,799 and provides a speed of up to 3.6 Mbps.

MTNL Teracom 3G data card prepaid offer

You pay Rs. 1,799 for the MTNL USB modem and get free 2 GB download for 3 days. After the free usage you are charged at 1 paisa per 10 KB that comes to Rs 1 for 1000 KB. So if you use 2 GB of additional data you will pay approximately Rs. 2,000.

You also get ½ paisa for per send MTNL (Mumbai + Delhi) calls and STD / local at 1 paisa per second. Apart from this you can send local SMS at 25p, National SMS at Rs. 1, and International SMS for Rs. 2.50.  I do not see any need why you would use the USB modem for making calls, but just in case you do have options.

MTNL Teracom 3G Datacard USB modem price in India
MTNL Teracom 3G Datacard USB modem price in India

MTNL Teracom 3G data card postpaid offer

MTNL 3G USB modem will cost Rs. 1,799 plus Rs. 250 and service tax for activation. You get 2 GB free data but need to be used by the end of the current month. In postpaid offer for example say if you buy the MTNL USB modem on 20th May you will have to use the free 2 GB usage on or before 31stMay.
The data charges after free usage is Rs. 1 paisa per 10 KB, call charges is ½ paisa per second, STD/ Local at Rs. 1 paisa per second and SMS tariff is same as for the prepaid offer.

MTNL 3G unlimited Data Packs (PrePaid)

Use unlimited MTNL’s 3G network for
Rs. 1650 valid for 30 days
Rs. 2500 valid for 60 days
Rs. 4500 valid for 180 days.

MTNL 3G unlimited Data Packs (PostPaid)

In postpaid plans you have just one option of Rs. 1650  unlimited 3G usage valid for 30 days.

How to install and configure MTNL 3G data card

The process is pretty automated. When you connect the USB, the device is automatically detected by Windows OS and software is installed.

For PostPaid users

The setup is fully automated and you should get the shortcut icon on the desktop screen. The APN for postpaid is gprsmtnlmum. No settings is required, just launch the shortcut icon and click the connect button to start browsing.

For PrePaid users

After the installation process you need to go to setting then choose connection and in APN choose APN MTNL Mumbai 3G Prepaid. Then set the APN for prepaid as gprsppsmum. Apply and you are done.

Click the connect button and enjoy MTNL’s high speed 3G connectivity.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -