MSI the Taiwanese company today launched the MSI tablet PC in India for an unbelievable price for just Rs. 13,999 for the 7 inch MSI Enjoy Tablet and Rs. 17,999 for 10 inch MSI Enjoy tablet.  Now before you start jumping with joy let me tell you that the tablet do not support 3G however does come with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options.

Last year MSI had launched the WindPad tablet that made use of the Windows 7 OS. The MSI Enjoy Tablet now uses the Google Android OS. There are two versions of MSI Enjoy Tablet, one is with 7 inch screen and the other is with 10.1 inch screen. Except for the Multi Touchscreen display size all the other specifications are the same.  The Indian market is already flooded with many Tablet models but price wise none comes even closer to the MSI 7 inch Enjoy Tablet.

Those looking to own a tablet that is good enough but lacks 3G connectivity can go in for the MSI Enjoy option. There are some features that are missing and which has made it possible to reduce the price.

Rs 13,999 MSI Enjoy Tablet PC
Rs 13,999 MSI Enjoy Tablet PC

MSI Enjoy Tablet PC Features

As already mentioned there are two versions the 7 and the 10.1 inch. Both the MSI Enjoy Tablet models come with dual camera with a 2 Megapixel resolution, the resolution is lower compared with other tablet PC.

Next the internal storage space is just 4GB which again has been compromised but it hardly matters as you can make use of microSD card slot to gain additional space of up to 32GB. But then this did help in lowering the cost of the tablet to some extent.

MSI Enjoy Tablet running on the Gingerbread Google Android 2.3 OS
MSI Enjoy Tablet running on the Gingerbread Google Android 2.3 OS

The MSI Enjoy tablet is powered by the 1.2 GHz ARM Cortex A8 Processor and runs the Gingerbread Google Android 2.3 OS. The tablet weighs about 395 grams. The 7 inch tablet supports a resolution of 800×450 pixels while the 10.1 inch tablet supports 1024×768 pixels resolutions. The MSI Enjoy tablets also come with HDMI port.

There is no inbuilt 3G support. But you can make use of the USB port (2) to connect your 3G handset and surf the net on the MSI Enjoy Tablet. You can also use the Bluetooth connectivity or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

MSI Enjoy Tablet Price in India
MSI Enjoy Tablet Price in India

MSI Enjoy Tablet PC also does not feature a built in GPS antenna which is commonly found in other tablets. According to MSI India General Manager Eric Kuo the 3G and GPS technologies are too ripe in India and there are not many people who are using it. However they are planning to launch the 3G version which of course will increase the price a bit.

MSI Enjoy Tablet PC Price in India

7 inch MSI Enjoy Rs. 13,999
10.1 inch MSI Enjoy Rs. 17,999

MSI Enjoy Tablet Review

The main advantage is the processor speed and Google Android OS. Even without 3G you can connect external 3G devices and enjoy surfing. Yes GPS is missing but if you are not dependent on navigational system, ignore it.  This is a good tablet with an affordable price tag, really good for students. MSI is planning to sell about 10,000 devices by Diwali. I think MSI is not only competing with the other Tablet PC available in the market such as the Apple iPad 2, OlivePad, Blackberry Playbook etc, but will also give tough competition to Netbooks.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -