Motorola has officially confirmed that Android O also called Android Oreo / Android 8 will be rolled out on selected devices. The company has also listed out the devices that will get the update on their official blog. The Android Oreo update will begin rolling out later this month.

The update will be in a phased manner so in case if your device is listed in the update list and you have not got the update, wait for few more days / weeks you will get the update notification. The Motorola Android Oreo update will retain your data, but on a safer side better take a back up of important data.

Here is the list of Motorola Smartphones that will get Android 8.0 (Android Oreo) update

Moto Z Series – Z, Z Droid, Z Force Droid, Z Play, Z Play Droid, Z2 Play, Z2 Force Edition
Moto X Series – X4
Moto G Series – G5, G5 Plus, G5S, G5S Plus

Motorola Android Oreo update list

So in case you are using any of the Moto handset listed above, you will get Android Oreo update on your smartphone, starting this fall.

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  1. moto M is also not in list
    launched in last year as mid premium segment
    pathetic they are not rolling out it

  2. Good moto phone got updates regurly i am using z play from past year

    It was on 6

    Got 7

    Now 7.1.1

    In future oreo.. I think its last for z play

  3. why you guy shouting moto, xiaomi comparing these two. both are good in different perspective and popular. both models are listed in official lineage os. you can get updates from lineage os weekly and os updates till your phone dies

  4. No list in moto g4 plus , cheating Motorola this phone is capable Oreo
    and only is released previous year.

    1. Moto brand is now owned by Lenovo which is well known for not providing updates for their own Lenovo phones.

  5. Gogi bro this is for us only moto phones not for global moto phone getting android oreo list is yet to be disclosed by moto..

    1. i have redmi 1S.
      still getting updates (MIUI updates, not OS).
      i am using almost all features of latest OS via MIUI updates.

      and also have Moto G3.
      which does not got any official update after MM. ( only 1 update in lifetime).

      now compare moto and xiaomi.

      i would say lenovo has spoiled moto’s image and value.

      1. This is what xiaomi like company needs.
        Users like u never understand what OS update is and what it can do .
        You said u r getting updates(not os) on Redmi 1s.Bro u can easily get those stupid features via 3rd party app from playstores which miui adds .
        Miui is shit nd very makes ur device heat like pan nd very heavy skinned too.
        Now coming to Motorola.i have moto g nd moto e in family nd they r on lolipop but with pure stock Android they work like new no hang no over heating etc issues.
        Moto gives updates to its device s till 2 yr.Xiaomi gives updatez to increase buggs.Ask any RN4 users

        1. Stock ui is really boring you have to install an app from store for every little feature and they are never good and if they are good it’s filled with ads miui is simple compared to stock like to turn on internet it’s 1 tap on miui but 2 for stock ui there is no theme support, you can’t turn off individual Sim like miui, can’t even change the background of app drawer quick, no auto brightness toggle etc

      2. Stock android don’t need so much updates. Miui is heavily customised skin based on Android so it is bloated and having bugs too. Mi giving updates to add new features(new features always comes with bugs) as well as fixing old bugs its created infinite loop. So u all guys are right in different prospective.