Motorola officially shuts shop in India, will continue to provide local support for existing products

After Google acquired Motorola, the company is going through a series of changes / renovations. Many of the unprofitable office will be shut down, this includes the presence of Motorola in India. And as expected, as of now Motorola is officially ‘shut-down’ in India.

If you happen to visit the Motorola India website ( you will be greeted by an important message that clearly mentions the reason. It is highly unlikely that Motorola will enter the Indian markets again. For now they are not interested in low cost handsets that really does well in  India, but instead will concentrate more on high end smartphones.

The local support site will still be functional and users will get support for existing products. After this move the Indian users will definitely keep away from this brand.

motorola shuts shop in india

The Motorola models that are currently available in the markets will continue getting the support but any new models launched by Motorola / Google will most likely not make it into the Indian markets.


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