The Motorola Moto G may probably hit the Indian markets in Jan 2014, but if you cannot wait you can buy the Moto G from The online store has the ‘G’ listed – 8GB version for Rs. 15,990 and the 16GB version for Rs. 17,990.

The Moto G handset will be shipped from United States, it supports Global GSM i.e. any GSM SIM card will work. Shipping is free but it could take few days to weeks to get the handset delivered in India. After sales support could be an issue in case the device has some problems. Shipping is free, so in all you pay Rs. 15,990 and Rs. 17,990 depending on storage options.

The Motorola G runs on Android 4.3 with 8GB /16GB storage options. There is 1GB on-board RAM. This handset is powered by 1.2GHz quad core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400) with Adreno 305 GPU. Screen is 4.5 inches with HD resolution (1280x720p). Other features are 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and GPS. This is single SIM handset and also includes a 1.3MP front camera and 5MP rear camera with LED flash. Battery is 2070 mAh capacity.

Motorola Moto G on

The Moto G is yet to make its way into the Indian Markets but is available on For the price it surely will give tough competition to budget quad core handsets that are already quite popular.

Moto G 8GB Rs. 15,990.
Moto G 16GB Rs. 17,990.

Thank you for the tip Brijesh Patil.

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  1. hey , please help me . i just want to know if i get the global gsm unlocked version of moto g from ebay will i have any problems in my network . i live in Assam and ebay doesn’t ship the global unlocked version to assam but i some how managed to get it in here . BUT will the phone work in assam too ?? as it works in india well

    Please do reply Gogi .

  2. I have a UK version of the phone unlocked. Tesco retails for 100 pounds..approx 10k rupees. The phone is worth every rupee spent and every thing about the phone speaks volumes about the quality. The camera is a disappointment though. Over all an extremely well made phone with the right hardware at an extremely competetive price. india price should be 12-13k.
    Compared with galaxy grand:
    The screen is better
    the processor is faster
    will get real time android updates.
    very fast and clean interface
    awesome battery

  3. what about the service of moto in India??? … makes me think twice before getting this moto g……

  4. This is not worthy folks , 16gb moto G version for 18000 , i would buy xperia SP for 19200 instead. I think it is better to wait for official release so that price could be down. I think fair price would be 8gb—Rs12999 and 16gb—-14999.

  5. Thanks, But why its Showing (counted) in ‘Android OS’ all apps shows its data usage in Settings/Data Usage.

  6. hi
    I am waiting for January to see the launch of Moto G in India. surely this will ignite the price war with value for money hardwares.
    Also Indian so called OEM will be fighting to launch octocore and FHD phones eating each others, samy lg, Sony market share.

  7. Gogi sir ,
    i m thinking of ordering moto g from motorola’s website for around 199$(16 gb global band) is it safe & when will i recieve it ? I live in gujarat.

  8. pls don’t by mobile by reading review of the online shopping website most of the reviews are paid reviews by the company be aware ….what do think gogi bhai..?

    1. It is hard to say which is genuine review or not, better go by your instinct and brand value.

  9. Hey gogi,I need your help as i am planning to buy a phone later this month i am running out of ideas that which one would be the best please if you could just guide me a lil bit my budget is around 25-30k also i want a good looking phone with no compromise on built quality and the overall specs,So if could just help me a lil bit here i’d highly obliged! Thanks in advance bro πŸ™‚

  10. OMG! under 13k it has perfect handy 4.5 inch clear n crisp HD display with 326 ppi pixel density also for
    Protection it has got latest and strongest Corning Gorilla Glass 3 ..cnt wait yar ..m eagerly waitin n waitin

  11. Zopo mobiles India listed zp998 with price 24000 and delivery from 19th Dec. Also zp 700 available for 8999.

  12. nw samsung nd chinese rebranders indian comapanies lyk micromax, xolo, karbonn etc wil learn a lesson 4m Google Motorola ..wel done Google too waiting 4 these device.
    .It wil b launched early jan 2014 ..wil b priced 8gb for 12.5k nd 16gb version for 15k

  13. Hi gogi ,my Zen 701 is using lot of background data (around 50-60 mb per 1 to 2 hours ) for that reason I have to restrict background data, but because of that I am missing whatsapp msgs and fb notifications. please give me solution (I am not rooted) .anybody please suggest.

    1. Else you could always go for OnavaCount by Data Usage this mighty app will help you save big on your data plans in real time πŸ˜€

      1. thanks Mahesh ,
        Gogi do you know why ‘Android OS’ is using a lot of data even if I restricted background data..?
        Its showing –
        Foreground 0.00B and
        Background 62.10MB

        1. Sangram, there are many apps like Gmail, hangouts, play store apps update, software (OS) update in some case and like wise other new apps that you might have added that keep checking the net for updates, these apps will access the net in the background hence the high usage. If you want to avoid this just switch of the data connection and enable it when you want to that way you will save bandwidth (if you have limited net access).

      1. Gogi , But why its Showing (counted) in β€˜Android OS’ all apps shows
        its data usage in Settings/Data Usage.

        Thanks Jish but I think Greenify requires Root.

  14. I heard there were two variants of this device. One which support Quad band for Europe and Asia. Other one only for US with Dual band support. Will this work in india?

  15. In Unboxing Video of Moto G i did not Show Handsfree and Charger.In Moto G Box Pack include Motorola Moto G smartphone,micro USB cable
    User manual and warranty information.Gogi Sir,In Indian Version Come with Handsfree and Charger or not?

  16. This would have been a very good device if 1080p video capture was supported. Unfortunately that is not the case. Otherwise very good specs.

  17. why samsung does not manage to sale his handsets in this price range with these type of features

    1. Literally i don’t think samsung is of any worth at this very moment as we all can clearly see that apart from changing the screen sizes they do absolutely nothing with their phones,Its high times that the bitter truth must be accepted Samsung is just fooling their customers they haven’t done anything innovative since a decade,Just copying and stealing other’s stuff πŸ˜€ Am damn sure that all of us must be aware of the numerous copyright infringement cases that has got this mnc on their nerves πŸ˜€ To be precise they s**k! Big time

    1. Normal should be less cause when you get it from US, the price is always more cause custom taxes etc.

      1. gogi sir, how much less will it cost as compared to current prices(any estimate). i think nexus 4 was also intially overpriced in india before launch.

    2. The price in US is 179$, hence it is 11300 INR

      but in this range this phone is looking cool & it is made by Google

      so i think this is the compititor of Xperia C & Galaxy Grand (excluding memory & FHD video)

    3. Expect the price to be high, something like Rs 13000 for 8 GB and around 15000 for 16 GB. see the difference in price betweeen US price and Brazil price. device costs more in brazil.

  18. gogi don”t you think xperia c is a better option ??
    i mean by using sbi credit card offer on flipkart it will bi around 16,100
    plus headphone and accident insurence
    what is ur opinion ??

    1. Brand wise yes, if you are not comfortable with other brands you can go with this one. But do note that the Xperia C also uses same hardware that is used on Micromax, Lava and many other brands. Also the hardware is a bit outdated, if you can go with Micromax A117 magnus it is a better choice. But as I said if you have issue with brand then you can go with Sony.