Motorola Moto G US Version now available on starting from Rs. 16K

The Motorola Moto G may probably hit the Indian markets in Jan 2014, but if you cannot wait you can buy the Moto G from The online store has the ‘G’ listed – 8GB version for Rs. 15,990 and the 16GB version for Rs. 17,990.

The Moto G handset will be shipped from United States, it supports Global GSM i.e. any GSM SIM card will work. Shipping is free but it could take few days to weeks to get the handset delivered in India. After sales support could be an issue in case the device has some problems. Shipping is free, so in all you pay Rs. 15,990 and Rs. 17,990 depending on storage options.

The Motorola G runs on Android 4.3 with 8GB /16GB storage options. There is 1GB on-board RAM. This handset is powered by 1.2GHz quad core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400) with Adreno 305 GPU. Screen is 4.5 inches with HD resolution (1280x720p). Other features are 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and GPS. This is single SIM handset and also includes a 1.3MP front camera and 5MP rear camera with LED flash. Battery is 2070 mAh capacity.

Motorola Moto G on

The Moto G is yet to make its way into the Indian Markets but is available on For the price it surely will give tough competition to budget quad core handsets that are already quite popular.

Moto G 8GB Rs. 15,990.
Moto G 16GB Rs. 17,990.

Thank you for the tip Brijesh Patil.


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