After launching the Moto G and the Moto X, Motorola may soon launch the Moto X+1 with 25 colorful back panels. EVLeaks via a Tweet has revealed the color options categorized by Cool, Warm, Leather, Wood and Neutral.

With regards to the specifications, nothing has been unveiled so far. It definitely has to be different; otherwise it will make no sense launching the same hardware / specs with colorful options. Already the Moto X comes is a good number of color options including with wood finishing.

Motorola is also planning to launch their first wearable device the Moto 360. Probably the same could be launched along with the X+1. The Moto X was not as popular in India as the Moto G, because of the price tag.

The X+1 will be even more pricy and hopefully with a better hardware, camera and a bigger screen. Let’s wait for the official word.

Moto X+1 colorful back cover

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    Posted on April 16, 2014
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