The Moto G 8GB version that started off for Rs. 12,499 is now available for just Rs. 10,499. The Moto G 16GB is at Rs. 11,999. Those who missed out the Mi3 might find this lucrative. The handsets are available online on flipkart – ‘Limited Stocks only’.

Xiaomi Mi3 is the latest trend and unfortunately it is not that easy getting one. Those who cannot wait will look out for other options. The good news is that with Mi3 in the market at a competitive price tag other manufactures have started altering their price making it more budget friendly.

You can check the full review of Moto G here. The G supports dual SIM and is powered by snapdragon 400 quad core processor. It runs Android KitKat with 1GB RAM and optional 8GB / 16GB storage.

Screen is 4.5 inches with 1280 x 720p resolution. There is 5MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera. This handset supports 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. The 2070 mAh non-removable battery gives moderate usage of up to 24 hours.

Motorola Moto G  price dropped

Moto G now available on Flipkart at a discounted price (limited stocks).

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  1. I purchased Moto g yesterday, and facing network problem inside my house. The network is fine outside and even on the 1st floor of my house, but there will be no signal on the ground floor. On my old phone, I used to get at least 1 stick of signal. On moto g I am not getting any signal. Is this because I cut my old sim to micro sim size? Should I get a new micro sim itself from Airtel?

    1. If you have cut the SIM then better get a new one, as at times that cut SIM’s also causes issues.

  2. Try ASUS zenfone 5 and 6, they have intel atom processor and 2 GB ram. better brand value.

    1. Zenfone 5 is out of stock all the time man… God knows when it will be back in stock, otherwise 8gb version is the best and WFM.

  3. Look everyone who criticize or against Xiaomi.

    Moto might be a brand and may have a brand value but owned by lenovo now it still is chinese. The said product moto g is still a midrange device like any other mediatek cause of the cortex A7 quad core architecture. Moreover the adreno 305 is just the reworked adreno 225 to support open gl 3.0. Would you buy a device that has a quad core and adreno 225 which is about 3 years old now. Instead of going for moto g one could put 3-4k more and go for xperia sp that is if you are concerned about mi3 and its availability, it will beat the moto g in all departments but is older than moto g.

  4. Has Moto G ever been in competition with MI3? I have always been comparing MI3 with Moto X and Nexus 5, reading its hardware specifications. May be Asus Zenfone is giving competition to Moto G…

    To give a competition to MI3, Moto X and Nexus 5 price should be dropped….(I do not own any of these…just giving preference to MI3 as it seems to me the value for money as compare to Moto X and Nexus 5)

    1. I think moto g price will become under 10k in coming months. Bcoz redmi 1s with same spec will come next month. Zenfone 5 new stock will come within few days also zenfone 4.5 will come. these phones are the best competitors against moto g.

    2. That’s stupidity to compare MI3 with Nexus 5 n Moto X… Quantity of features n quality of features are different things. Today only checked my friend’s Mi3 with screen calibration issue.. Its frustrating.. He was able to get hands on it by being one of the first 1000 customers on flipcart to buy Xiomi MI3 but now fed up with screen issue & looking to return it bk. Everybody cant b lucky to get cheap Chinese phone without any defect. Branded products cost more due to multiple factors like Branding, Testing Infrastructure to test each product should be without any fault. Chinese products are cheaper coz thy don’t do such investment & so that don’t add up to final product cost. After all people go for quantity not quality & so that’s huge demand for cheaper products.

      1. I agree with you that branded company put lot of money in R&D (innovation), processes, quality, and marketing, so cost of their product is justifiable at some extent (to recover the cost that they spend on their products)…

        My evaluation criteria for MI3;
        1. Hardware: I think it is good and comparable with other costly phones…
        2. Software: I am not sure..but I also thing that it would not be as good as that is of moto X and nexus 5…
        3. Cost: Personally, if moto x and nexus is available under Rs20000, my preference would be moto-x and nexus 5…I too have due respect for the brands 🙂 But here I found MI3 a value for money product…
        4. Review that available on flipkart and below is what it says. So, only 10% of people seems me unhappy/unlucky (if I include rating 3 also for unhappy customer)…80% people cannot be happy if they have got some defective phone..

        1. Completely agree with you pankaj I have used samsung sony and even my friends nexus 5 but recently purchased mi3 its so awesome can easily beat nexus 5 in every department but its ram availability is so less only 500-600 mb and causes problem in multi tasking.. but I have never used such an amazing ui miui yes so nice and so good many extra ordinary features which are not available in nexus 5 it easily beats nexus 5 on every department and I am among the first one who purchased this on priority sale.. and very happy with it 🙂

  5. Hi to all. The ongoing conversation and messages makes me really wonder about the chinese infilitration – both in terms of wonderful products to lure our Indian buyers as well as our borders. I do agree that the Xiaomi brand phones might be wonderful since they are with high end specifications at low prices. But I also agree to the comments of few of you that Where is the product? How can we assume & assure of something – AS THE BEST even when we have not seen it. ( I know some of the lucky ones have got the MI3).Lets wait and watch.

  6. Xiomi mi3 or redmi1s may be best, but what about their availability, one not launched yet and another just few thousand piece, if you don’t have enough stocks than what the point. Only Features don’t make good phone, services and time of delivery and after sales matters

  7. whatever they say. Brand value is brand value. No interest in mmx or xolo or alcatel or whatsoever. Moto is great & I hope xiaomi will become a top brand in coming months, but as of now Moto is over Xiaomi.

  8. Giving my Mi3 back and getting in RouGH ~N~ ToUGh…Moto G…..:) SIZE ISSUE,MORE OF HEATING & SIM CARD issues ON MY MI3… FRUSTRATED…Really… my decision was bad as I choice Mi3. SIZE is Almost 6inchs.. Heats up Quickly after update also, Sim card not detected. Bluetooth issue.. Auto start of some function like NFC etc. App Crashes..

  9. Well this is an age old manufacturer sale technique, all these phones, the ones with IMEI Problems or the returned ones, go back to the factory, they get rectified, rechecked for quality or in simple terms refurbished are then re-boxed and sent back into the market for sale (Rs. 2000/- Off).

  10. Well Those who are saying its Xiaomi Effect they are truly wrong as Moto has another plans they are going to launch an updated Moto G with 8 Mp Camera And 4G and double Front Speaker Like Moto E. But i am Little Bit Worried because the Shout Of Redmi 1S on this Site is tooooo Dammm High even more than Mi3, So We Can Expect Registration could go beyond 2 lakhs

    Here its Pic:

    1. No one fears anybody…its just flipkart strategy to draw customers attention and motorola has sold their devices to flipkart…Just flipkart is selling the same device in less profit margin….thats it…

      Motorola is the Mother of Communication..Mobile…

  11. Hi gogi… Just comment on whether moto g or canvas colors 2. . Which one is better???

  12. its just got outdated and everybody(Who knows about some tech) looking at MI3 or Idol x+ and handsets having octa-core mobiles…so there is a need to get rid of the unsold mobiles as new models arriving with lots of fun filling features and more specs….9k and 10.5k are the best price for 8gb and 16gb of Moto G

    1. Well what you said is 100% true proof their limited stock is still very much available, so nobody buying lol.

  13. When Unite2, Mi3, Redme 1S are there, then why would someone buy this? They had there hey days, now its a dead stock which they want to outsell ASAP.

  14. If they wanna give competition to mi they must release a better version at redmi 1s price.

  15. There is this Asus Zenfone 4.5 in the pipeline for INR 7499 (tentative price) that can be launched anyday now and it’s launch I reckon would ouster Moto G completely, maybe would force Flipkart to reduce prices further. Lets see!!

    1. Great persons should go with great devices. Prabhu kaha moto or asus ke chakkar me pade hain. Suggested – iphone 5s with 64gb (68k only).

  16. Moto g2 may be coming in September with hd screen 8 mp camera and android L : report

  17. Moto is still better as its the only brand which provide the updates as soon as its released by google. Moreover motorola has promised to release android L update for moto G as soon as its available.On the other hand other brands are struggling to provide kitkat update for its devices till now(its almost a year since kitkat was released by google). According to me moto G is still one of best vfm fone in the market, but if your priority is phablet size fone AND 8-13MP CAMERA THEN GO FOR XIAOMI OR ASUS.

    1. ASUS has already given 3 major updates in 20 days. and is scheduled to get kitkat in September.

    2. True also build quality of Moto g is unbeatable cant compare it xiaomi in my opinion

    3. This signals for the successor of moto g, moto g2 may be launching in couple of months. According to various leaks and rumours the G2 will be having 8mp camera hd screen and screen size may be 4.7inch or so and 1.5-2gb of ram with android L out of the box.

  18. Dear Xiaomi,
    Now its ur turn ( after moto g price reduction ) Gave accessories free with mi3.

  19. Just got message from flipcart that yr mi3 despatched to location & news from u moto g price reduced @11999.
    Can I lucky to get mi3 at 14k or unlucky to get moto g on 12k

  20. This is still not a good deal. Moto should have priced it around 8k. Redmi 1s is still a better Choice!!!

    1. I see lot of people shouting redmi1s redmi1s. well whats the use of shouting and promoting when the products are not available! So pls promote those products which are available in market and stop this false hype gimmicky thing.

        1. one more Xiaomi fanboy. Buddy have you used Redmi? Do you even know when and how many redmi will be available? stop promoting somehting which has no existence still in Indian market. Stop this fake Xiaomi hype.

        2. How do you know? Have you used one Redmi? Or perhaps you are one of these self-proclaimed experts?