As per the email received from Flipkart they will soon list the most awaited Moto G handset which is expect to be launched on 5th February 2014. It seems Flipkart will list the handset much before the launch, probably few days before or on the same day.

The Moto G page on the Flipkart is with incomplete specifications and with (upcoming) space to watch for. Flipkart will be offering incredible offers to users who will buy the handset on the same day of its launch. What are the incredible offers, well it’s not mentioned yet.

The Moto G has grabbed a lot of attention for its specifications and especially for the price tag which is expected to be well under Rs. 20,000 (probably between the Rs. 15,000 to 18,000 range).  And in case you are not aware Google will be selling off Motorola  to Lenovo.

Moto G on Flipkart coming soon

The Moto G is powered by quad core processor and comes with the sharpest 720p display. The screen size is 4.5 inches with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. The handset will feature a 5MP AF camera on the back and 1.3MP on the front. It will run on Android 4.3. Battery is 2070 mAh capacity.

Planning to buy the Moto G – watch out.

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  1. Moto G, available for purchase in India (Rs 12,499: 8GB / 13,999: 16GB) from @Flipkart after 12AM IST, Feb 6!

    1. Updated prices of MOTO G dual sim in INDIA are below and will be available through flipkart from 6th Feb onwards.

      8GB -> 12,499
      16GB -> 13,999

      Andriod 4.3 out of box as of now & updates to 4.4 in a few weeks time frame.

  2. moto g’s pros: gorilla glass 3, 329 ppi, hd ips display ..cons are, no memory card slot, low internal memory, mediocre camera, single sim, non removal batt ..

    1. Hi Ajay,

      MOTO G in india is a dual sim version and 16GB version may be good enough for half of the customers and regarding camera could you please let us know what the issue is?

    1. Price looks good but its a 3rd party selling that product and if you note it says for limited period only. May be the seller is trying to clear stock as it will be difficult to sell when Moto G is officially available.

  3. Waht is so exceptional about this phone? Specs are pretty ordinary and if pricing is above 15K then its overpriced too. So why would someone go for this phone? Even Google brand is now not attached.

  4. Hi Gogi,
    I’m eagerly awaiting the launch of the Moto G in India and your review. When you get your hands on one can you please let us know if the handset has Sim Toolkit option in the menu and also if video calling is enabled through the default dialler.

  5. But Gogi Bro, this not happened exactly like this all time… I mean my friend was playing game in Micromax Turbo and suddenly it hanged and he pressed and hold power button for long time but it didn’t re-boot. He tried many time but failed…Finally the battery fully discharged and shut down.

    1. Try doing the same when the phone is working normal, just to check if power button (press and hold) actually reboots.

      1. @Sanjay
        That happens in Mediatek handsets sometimes a common fault in their chipsets when they take no I/O easy way to get over this plug it into a charger for few seconds holding power button….It will reboot

  6. I read that it will be coming with non removable battery. Mr. Gogi will you please explain about thus type of battery focussing on the fact that after some days the what could be done if the battery problem occurs?

    1. Rahul, there is no issues with removable / non removable battery. The only thing about non removable battery is that the battery is sealed and should be opened by service center personals only. If there is battery (failure) issue then you need to visit the service center (well anyway even if it was a removable battery you would still need to visit the center).

      Common question : how do you restart the phone with non removable battery… well just press and hold the power button for a longer time until the handset reboots. This works on phone with removal batteries too.

  7. The price should under 15000, otherwise many people can’t afford who already raised there budget to 10000 to 12000.

  8. Now the price of Canvas Turbo has dropped a lot (around 16K on Flipkart). So it is going to be a stiff competent when the Moto G comes into the India market.

  9. I think it will come with a price tag of 13k to 15k Indian Rupees because flipkart says “exceptional price”

  10. I think moto g price will be around 13k to 16k…in us its costs less than $200 approx 179$ with out contract

  11. Flipkart always sells phones,books etc at higher prices when compared to ebay/infibeam/snapdeal…name whatever you like.

    So I think price below 15k is impossible for this phone.Even if it does,that price will stay for less than a week.I will wait & watch.

    1. I dont think so they always provide the best price best deal superfast delivery a super lovely website with best interface and also the best part free and easy returns and 30 days replacement policy they are the best sellers i have ever seen for gadgets like mobile Moto G has has got the best site for selling it will be a quite intresting deal

      1. I find Amazon better. After all those messed up things that flipkart have done to some other customers, I don’t even want to suggest anyone Flipkart. Rather, Amazon is good and they had started the 1 day delivery which Fk followed. And Amazon has got good deals too!

      2. Naah. Flipkart sells everything at much higher price than others. I recently went looking for Seinnheiser HD 202 II headset and it carried the highest price, Rs 2500 at Flipkart only. Not even a single rupee difference between MRP and the selling price. Market average price i found was Rs 2000 while Amazon is selling the same product at Rs.1800 only. No doubt what did I go for, Amazon, and product was in my hand in less than 48 hours. Amazon is best. It has come little late in Indian market but it will be number one in next few years. Just wait and watch.

        1. If you are looking for security then Flipkart is no doubt the best but Amazon has an edge in pricing and also the offer of Amazon Prime for those who have it is exceptional.
          However once you become a pro at knowing the internet shopping world and combing through the fine prints, eBay has the best value for money products…

  12. should be less than 10k to be exceptional. if they really want to sell it. otherwise elife e3 is a better option

  13. Gogi Ji,
    Is Lemon Aspire A2 HD a good phone or the Zen Ultrafone 701 HD?
    I am a bit nervous as both these brands are not well known and i am worried about the quality of the phone’s hardware and software.
    Replyy… Plzzzz…..

  14. which one is better canvas a117 or moto g

    will the launch of moto g affect the price drop in a117??

  15. for 5 megapixel camera no buddy want to buy moto g more then 12000 rs if its more than 12000 it will be super flop phone….

  16. Waiting. And for others worrying about updates, Lenovo themselves have said that they’ll let Motorola on their own, just like Google.

    And Gogi, Galaxy Note III Neo is official.

  17. Not worth the price. Xolo q3000 is best at this price. It is available on ebay for 17600 after applying 3DAYSALE30.

  18. Gogi Bhai,

    As Google will be selling off Motorola to Lenovo, will it affect after-sales services, future updates of Moto G.

      1. Hai Gogi brother please tell me about Oplus Xonpad 7 please ….. atleast tell anything for Buyers is it good or not is it worth for 10k or not pls