Motorola today launched the Moto E4 Plus in India. This handset is powered by MediaTek processor, sports a 5.5 inch HD screen and packed with a massive 5000 mAh non-removable battery with rapid charging support. Price is Rs. 9,999.

So finally the Motorola Moto E4 Plus is here and its priced in India is Rs. 9,999. This handset weighs just about 198 grams and thickness is 9.5mm. A finger print sensor has been included on the front for added security.

The Moto E4 Plus sails on Android Nougat version 7.1.1 out of the box. It is a dual SIM handset packed with 2GB/3GB RAM and 16GB/32GB of internal storage space, the one launched in India comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. This handset also features a 13MP camera on the back – will need to check how it will perform and the front facing camera can shoot in 5MP resolution.

Moto E4 Plus launched in In

And yes this E4 Plus supports 4G with VoLTE that is needed as many users in India are using Reliance Jio SIM and they are looking for dual SIM options. Key attraction as mentioned is the massive 5000 mAh battery that comes built in and it supports 10W rapid charging.

Motorola has priced the Moto E4 Plus in India at Rs. 9,999. It will go on sale at midnight on Flipkart.

Moto E4 Plus specifications

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  1. friends, today i plan to buy a Moto E4 Plus but i read a article in a website about Gretel GT6000 vs Moto E4 Plus and my decision is changed and now i buy Gretel GT6000 because Gretel GT6000 offers up a bigger battery life, dual rear cameras, fashion colors and lower price than Moto E4 plus.

  2. Gogi…I don’t understand why Moto has not used SD435 processor, which could have justified the price. SD435 with 3GB/32GB is a very good combination. It’s such a big omission from Moto.

    1. This hardly matters…

      With this heavy body and ugly screen,this is a Big No No…
      Many better option is already available…

  3. Better to buy Asus Zenfone max instead of this. Everything is better in zenfone max when compared to this mobile except fast charging.

      1. I’m in Ahmedabad and used Asus zenfone laser 2 .Its screen got broken and visited authorized service center. charged 3000 rp for combo touch panel and fixed my phone in just 2 days+ got call and msg from executive abt status of mobile when it get repaired.
        From my personal experience I’m satisfied with Asus phone and aftetsale service.

    1. And one more thing is price of Asus.
      They will launch phone at 29k but after 8-10 months in flipkart sale price will be 12k.

  4. Hi Ragav, can u pls suggest me between samsung on nxt and nubia z11 mini s. how abt camera quality on these two.

    1. Go with Lenovo P2,its best available phone right now under Rs 15000 or wait 10 Days for Samsung J7 pro in Rs 20999.

      All other phone dont come with Amoled display so i dont count them as phone…

      1. I bought a p2. Earlier was using redmi notes. Niyo is better than anything when usability is considered. But amoled screen of p2 is fantastic. Easier on the eyes too. 5000mah battery and quick charge is wonderful. If there was miui in the phone it would have been the best.

    2. Z11 mini S is way better than On nxt in every manner. It is even better than G5 plus in camera quality but according to nubia facebook page they are saying that stock in India is completely sold out and they are not going to get more stock. if it’s available in amazon by any change buy it ASAP.

  5. why cant they provide dedicated navigation buttons in moto phones. i hate on screen it occupies space

    1. Moto E4 Plus comes with One Button navigation via the Home button which also includes Fingerprint Sensor. So Forget On Screen navigation.

      1. One Button Navigation cant be used by a normal user…its just useless thing….
        Its just misuse of technology….

        If i will use one button navigation for 1 month u will go to Mental Hospital…

        1. Lol… then put all iPhone users in a mental hospital (as per your logic), as they are using one button navigation since 10 years and no one complained.

        2. You aren’t a normal user if you cant use One-Key Navigation, its way easier than hovering you thumb searching for other buttons. It’s convenient and in the near future you’ll see it in most of the smartphones.

          1. i enabled the one button nav on my moto g5 plus and im loving it.. IT IS SPECTACULAR.
            Now i miss this while this feature using other phones.

  6. So US gets Qualcomm processor and India gets MTk processor. Is this how Motorola treats one of the most important markets?

    1. US version costs approx Rs. 11500 while Indian version is available for Rs. 9999, what do you expect?

  7. Could have been provide at least snapdragon 430. disappointed. But Zenfone max also had 5000 mah and weight also same. with snapdragon 615

  8. Friends should i buy this phone
    Currently i m using samsung galaxy on5 pro but it hangs too much. Even it can’t handle game like subway surfurs its lags too much during play game ????

    1. Brand freaks may opt for Asus Zenfone Max(if you are willing for 5000mAh battery with SD615)

      Non-brand freaks have Mi as their best bet….

      Redmi Note 4 or Redmi 4….

      Redmi Note 4 will serve the same battery life with its power efficient SD625 chip, although having 20% lesser battery… And lesser heat…..

      I am using Redmi Note 3… It’s SD650 and having 7 hrs SOT while using Jio 4G 24/7

      But, If you are willing to use Idea 4G right now… Redmi Note 4 is unable to get Idea 4G networks as Idea right now provides 4G at 2100 MHz frequency whereas Redmi 4 has support for this frequency….

      Well, Personally I don’t search for Stock Android…. As I am quite happy with Mi in-built features….

      Dual Apps, Second Space, Scanner, Mi Mover, etc. Are those feature which hold me from switching Mi….
      A Happy Mi user Since Sept.,2014(Since Redmi 1s)

      Mine Redmi 1s still gives me about 3 hrs battery life(SOT) and that’s more than enough for a 3 year old device with 2200 mAh battery…

      1. Grow up Baby… Your argument is correct about the MiUI but Many of these features have now been incorporated in Stock android Nougat.

        And what about the pain when redmi suddenly refuses to boot / or suddenly refuses to charge with its own charger.

        I have such cases in my office and home. First hand info.

    2. If Ur Budget 10k Go For Redmi Note 4……. If Ur Budget Under 15k Go For Lenovo P2…… But This Time I Love Moto E4 Plus Design…. If Ur Normal User Blindly Go For
      Moto E4 Plus or Other Wise Many Options Available 🙂

  9. Actually Moto thinks Customers are fool thays why they dont want to work and give good product…

    A 3rd class Mobile company like Infocus can manage 163 gram weight with 5000 MAH but Moto E4 plus have 198 gram means your hand will break by using this Brick but Moto dont care… One good thing is that u can use this phone in gym to do exercise…..

    Also Moto think all customer under 20k range are Beggers so they dont deserves a sAmoled Display wheresas all higher end mobile of Moto have sAmoled display…

    So this Ugly HD display and 198 Gram Brick i want to throw on the Head of Loser Moto Team and kick them hard…..

  10. Plz correct…
    Its 198 Gram…

    Its extremely Heavy…why launch with 5100 MAH battery if u cant control Weight…

    Very disappointed…This BRICK is Not worth really..

    1. Thank you for bringing this point. Can you elaborate more how MediaTek MT6737 is inferior to quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 427 processor

      1. Snapdragon processors are way better than mediatek. U dont find any difference if you are a basic user. U will know only when u hold a sd427 mobile in one hand and mtk6737 mobile in another hand