Asus today launched the awaited Asus Zenfone AR smartphone in India, it was assumed that the price will be high but never expected it to be around Rs. 50K. Zenfone AR price in India is Rs. 49,999 and it will be available on Flipkart.

As far as the specs goes the AR houses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 64 bit octa core processor coupled with Adreno 530 GPU. The Zenfone AR features a good 5.7 inch screen, it’s SUPER AMOLED and comes with GG4 protection. The screen resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels, Quad HD.

This handset comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. Key highlight is Tango (AR – Augmented reality) and Daydream (VR – Virtual reality). There are 3 cameras on the back called ASUS TriCam a 23MP, a depth sensor and motion tracking together these work with Tango and Daydream.

Asus Zenfone AR launched in India

A 3300 mAh battery powers this smartphone and supports QC 3.0. Asus Zenfone AR is available on Flipkart for Rs. 49,999.

Asus Zenfone AR price in India

Asus Zenfone AR Specifications

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -