Since the launch of Redmi Note 4 in India and the particular days when the handsets were made available, cause of heavy demand, Xiaomi claims to have sold more than one million Redmi Note 4 units in just 45 days.

The first Redmi Note 4 sale was on 23rd January 2017. Redmi Note 4 is an excellent handset unfortunately the camera is not up to the mark it switches between average performance to above average performance.

We have done the review of Redmi Note 4, had used 3 different units including made in India and made in China. All the units performance well (excellent) only the camera performance was not so happening. Redmi Note 4 camera is good if you want to share on social networks. One update drastically improved the performance – check this review here.

Redmi Note 4 Black Review

However the latest update degraded the quality again. However in spite of an average / above average camera the Redmi Note 4 is an excellent buy it scores top marks in every other area – screen, memory, performance and battery life.

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