Xiaomi announced the MIUI 7 in Delhi a few days back. This new UI comes with a lot of improvement over the currently used MIUI 6. There are already 150 million MIUI users worldwide. The new MIUI 7 is loaded with 4 new system UIs – High life, Pink Blush, Rose and Ocean Breeze.

As per the company smartphone running MIUI 7 will be 30% faster with improved battery performance. Users can expect about 10% battery backup increment. MIUI 7 supports XXL Text, this feature helps increase the size of font (much bigger than what other handsets support), bigger fonts are easier to read and less straining.

There is child mode that users can active before handing over their phone to their kids. This mode as the name suggests will give limited access to the child. Users can choose what apps should be allowed in child mode. Phone feature (making / receiving calls) is by default enabled in this mode.

You might have seen the DND mode (Do not Disturb) on many other handsets, but on MIUI 7 they have made it to work with Mi Band. When Mi Band detects you are sleeping the DND mode is automatically enabled. The DND mode does not have any impact on the alarm system.

MIUI 7 launched

One big issue when using mobile phone is when logging in into a secure system, like banking portal, making payments etc. They send out OTP via SMS / email and you need to memorize it and then manually punch it. MIUI 7 made it easier, all you need to do is copy and paste, the system is smart enough to recognize if it’s an OTP password.

Xiaomi had introduced the interactive Visual Response (IVR) in MIUI 6 but not fully active, on MIUI 7 they made it functional. IVR allows you to browse through the menu system on your phone rather than hearing the same via voice response. For example voice response press 1. For English, 2 for Hindi… etc.. IVR will show you this format in text, so you are viewing the full system on your phone without going through the time consuming voice format.

Showtime has been added. This feature allows users to shoot a video and then loop it. The video can be shot for 5 seconds and then looped.

Another feature on MIUI 7 is the Data Saver that makes use of opera’s max compression technology to compress data, increase speed and save up to 50% on bandwidth.

Last but not the least the MIUI 7comes with MUSE that is an interactive apps that helps users create new themes without any knowledge of coding. So basically any user can create their own theme using the MUSE. One can also use MUSE to create interesting ways to unlock the handset, for example play a piano tune in the correct pattern to unlock.

Well that’s about it. The beta version will be available from 24th August 2015.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in