Micromax X1i 2017 this is not what you think – price Rs. 1199

The Nokia 3310 2017 (somewhat) lookalike is here, it is called the Micromax X1i 2017 and this time Micromax got it right, err I mean the price. This product is listed on the Micromax website and as per Mahesh Telecom the price in India is Rs.1,199.

Not sure how many customers will really buy the Nokia 3310 that is actually a feature phone that too with 2G support. With more and more users hanging on to Facebook, Whatsapp etc – these have become the bare necessity.

Makes no sense buying a 3310 just for the sake of (I don’t know what! ;-). Anyways here is one more competitor to the Nokia 3310, presenting the Micromax X1i. Now this looks somewhat similar to the Nokia 3310 and guess what the features are also near about the same.

Micromax X1i 2017 in India

Micromax X1i 2017 Specifications

Phone Type : Feature Phone
Screen : 2.4 inches 320 x 240 pixels
Input : Alphanumeric Keypad
Rear Camera : 0.08MP
Internal memory : 32MB
Weight : 58 Grams
Battery : 1300 mAh
Network : 2G

For more details check Micromax X1i 2017 on their official site.

Source : Twitter (Mahesh Telecom).


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