DxO is a popular and well known name when it comes to photography and now OnePlus has teamed up with DxO and they will be using their skills to enhance the photography experience on the OnePlus upcoming smartphone the OnePlus 5.

So one thing is of sure the camera on the OnePlus 5 will definitely be something to watch for. There  are still a lot of rumors floating around what the OnePlus 5 will be packed with, it looks like the handset will come with dual cameras.

Most likely the OnePlus 5 will be using qualcomm snapdragon 835 chipset and may come packed with 8GB RAM, may be a bigger battery capacity and definitely running Nougat out of the box.

OnePlus teams up with DxO

On the OnePlus forum they have mentioned that working alongside DxO they are confident that their next handset OnePlus 5 will be capable of capturing some really cool professional quality pictures.

By Sunil V