Micromax may soon launch phones running Cyanogen

Google recently partnered with Micromax, Spice and Karbonn and rolled out the Android One devices in India. And now Cyanogen will be joining hands with Micromax to build smartphones running Cyanogen OS.

There are very few handsets like OnePlus one, OPPO that officially runs Cyanogen out of the box. But in fact unofficially there are several Cyanogen ROM’s available for various devices. Users love the CyanogenMod software that provides more customization, it’s light weight and improves overall performance.

According to The Information Cyanogen recently rejected Google’s Interest in purchasing the company. Instead the company is now approaching hardware companies to launch Cyanogen based smartphones.

Cyanogen and Micromax has struck a deal and we could soon see Micromax launching new smartphones running CyanogenMod.

micromax cyanogen partnership

Today the mobile consumers are more demanding; they not only want a good hardware but also want to run the latest or updates software. Most manufacturers are not able to provide software update support and this partnership with Google and Cyanogen will fill in that gap.

Tip: Devesh & Shashank.


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