The Kingston HyperX cloud is a premium headset made for gaming users. It comes with 53MM drivers, good build quality and excellent performance. You can use it when playing games, watching movies or hearing your favourite MP3’s. The HyperX Cloud is priced at Rs. 6,500.

Box pack
The Box packing itself is pretty impressive. Inside you will find the Cloud Headset, detachable microphone, audio control box, extra velour cups, extension cable, airline adapter and a carry pouch that is nicely concealed (check video review).

The headset is available in black and white colour options. For the review I got the white version. I guess the white looks better. Build quality is excellent – worth the price. The body is aluminium (black color) and the head rest band is made of soft leather – very comfortable.

The Leather Velour cups completely covers up the ear, it is very soft, and the ear cups are closed. The Hyper Cloud headset can be easily adjusted and it is so comfortable that you hardly feel you are wearing a headset – perfect for heavy gaming users.

When need be you can attach the Mic. The audio control box has got a soft rubber finish it comes with a small extension and gives the ability to control the speaker / mic volume and enable / disable the microphone.

Kingston HyperX Cloud headset box pack and unboxing

This headset enhances the audio experience. You can use this headset for entertainment (music / music / gaming) – connect it to PC, Laptop, tablet or your smartphone. I played a video file on my smartphone via the loudspeaker, then with my Samsung earphone (very good quality) I could sense the left and the right stereo effects, I then played the same video clip using my Plantronics Audio 400 headset and then finally using the HyperX cloud headset.

Kingston HyperX Cloud headset box

The HyperX headset no doubt produced the best effects; I could feel the stereo effects. The voice is clear and bass output is simply superb.

Kingston HyperX Cloud headset review

Frequency : 15Hz – 25,000Hz.
Transducer : dynamic Ø 53mm
Nominal impedance : 60 Ω per system
Nominal SPL: 98±3dB
T.H.D.: < 2%
Ambient noise attenuation:  20 dBa (approx).

It is a premium headset and gives very good audio output. You will easily feel the difference once you use it. If you are looking for a very good headset the HyperX cloud headset is worth checking.

Kingston HyperX Cloud headset current price – under Rs. 6,600.

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By Rajeev Rana

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