Mi launches Portable Electric Mosquito repellent

Xiaomi has launched many products in different categories and here is another unique product the Mi Portable Electric Mosquito Repellent. This device is easy to carry, light weight and one can connect it with a power bank.

Mi Portable Electric Mosquito repellent weighs around 25 grams – it can be powered up by connecting it to USB power source (2.2W). This is specially made to work with power banks. Just to give you an idea a 10,000 mAh power bank will keep the device working for almost 13 to 15 hours.

This Mosquito repellent works somewhat similar to the Goodnight Repellent that is available in India, the one that needs a GoodNight Mat every day. There is a Mat slot on the Mi Mosquito Repellent (you will need to twist the device to expose that), you can then insert the Mat and switch on the power.

Mi Portable Electric Mosquito repellent

Portable Mosquito Repellent is a very good option especially when you are traveling, when you need a sound sleep and when there is a power failure.

Xiaomi Mi Mosquito Repellent is not yet available in India but you can buy it from Chinese stores for $7.99. Do read the post on how to buy goods from Chinese stores and also check why you should not use EMS for products that are priced over $30.

So what do you think about this product?


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