Xiaomi today at an event in China launched the Xiaomi QiCycle an electric folding bike with a price tag of RMB 2999 that comes to approx Rs. 30,000 (Indian Rupees). This bicycle is fitted with electric motor powered by 250W / 35V motor.

QiCyle  is not like the other ordinary bicycle. It makes use of TMM (Torque Measurement Method) to help riders pedal power, i.e. it provides appropriate power so there is minimal effort from the riders side.  The Shimano gear shift makes it easier even when the battery is completely discharged.  There are 3 modes fast, standard and easy.

Smart meter comes built it that will monitor the physical activities, speed, distance covered, calories burned, etc. There is also built in Bluetooth that will help sync bike data onto your smartphone.

Xiaomi QiCycle launched in China

QiCycle gets power from a 18650 mAh battery (Panasonic make) that is packed inside the frame. On a full charge you can auto ride the QiCycle for almost 45 Km.

Electric Folding Bike Xiaomi QiCycle

Xiaomi QiCycle is using aluminum frame – weight is 13.5Kg.  Xiaomi QiCycle will be available in China for RMB 2999 (crowd funding).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in